Midnight Sun, Inc.

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Midnight Sun, Inc.

Funny vampire romance that kept my interest from start to finish. Actually there are a lot more paranormal characters than vampires and secrets being kept. Murder, robbery and a beloved pet dog make opening a tanning salon catering to vampires and mortals a challenge. Connie hopes she’s up for the challenge as she finds herself attracted to her boss and finds herself falling in love with her gay co-worker. This story is fun every step of the way and I thoroughly loved it.

Connie Bennett is looking a job where she can bring her paralyzed dog to work with her and still make enough to pay her bills. If she can get the position offered at the Midnight Sun Tanning Salon, she would not only be making more money than she currently is but she’d have benefits too! She starts off by insulting the boss but still gets the job. Soon, she knows that she needs to do two things; quit her current day job and find a place to live closer to the salon. Her gay co-worker, Raf offers her a room where he lives but he forgot to mention that she shares a house with their boss, Tom. Soon, a murder at the salon has them closed for a few days, and an attraction towards Tom has Connie wondering if moving was the right decision.

Take time for an amazing story that will leave you wanting more!

Book Blurb for Midnight Sun, Inc.

Real vampires don’t rust, bust, collect dust . . . or sparkle in the sunshine, but that shouldn’t keep them from sporting a healthy glow!

Midnight Sun Tanning Salon owner Tom Thornton is everything a girl could want in a vampire - tall, dark, handsome, with a body built for sin, plus cowboy boots and a Texas drawl. Toss in paid vacations and a benefits package and he is the perfect employer. His short, adorable and flamboyantly gay sidekick, Raf, looks like Tony Curtis - channeling Richard Simmons.

Connie Bennett is drawn to both - for very different reasons.

Everything she thought she knew about vampires, herself and life in general is about to go pear-shaped . . .but then, no relationship is perfect!

Sensuality Level: Sensual

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00