Midnight Heat

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Midnight Heat

Midnight Cowboys, #3

Cat Johnson is an author I know will give me great characters and a story that I won’t want to end. In fact, this story reveals the secret baby given up for adoption in Midnight Wrangler. This makes it so much more than just a romance. You end up in the middle of lives and a community. You really feel as if you know these characters and this is real. The emotional pull is fantastic and Ms. Johnson takes hard truths like death and turns it and its affects into a major part of the story. Phoenix is unsure of her path but takes it anyway. Justin is sure where his duty lies but isn’t always happy about it. Together, they show each other another way. The best part of Ms. Johnson’s books is the way she brings ranch life alive; the good and the bad. She also has friends who are as close as family. It’s as if you are visiting old friends every time you open one of her books even if you’ve never read one before. This book is part of a series but it’s not necessary to have read the previous books but you will see the characters and the relationships they formed in this book. I loved this story but wasn’t ready for it to end. In fact, I thought it ended too abruptly. However, I’m sure that there will be another book in this series and I’ll see more of this great couple and the rest of these great characters. If you like contemporary western romance, pick this book up. You won’t regret it!

Phoenix is needing to get her passport for a trip to Aruba but misplaced the one her parents gave her. Her friend, Kim, has her request a replacement which Phoenix does but due to a clerical error her adoptive parents’ names are not on it but her birth mother’s name is. With a few weeks still left of Phoenix’s summer vacation, she heads to Arizona to meet her birth mother, Bonnie Martin. Justin is still dealing with his brother’s death. When things get real bad, he likes to take his brother’s truck out for a long ride. With that thought in mind, Justin asks his boss for a few days off but is asked instead if he would go to Phoenix, Arizona and pick up his boss’s fiancé’s belongings and bring them back to Oklahoma. Justin agrees to pick up Bonnie Martin’s things but doesn’t expect to meet a pretty blond looking for her. Things get interesting when Justin agrees to bring Phoenix back with him.

Book Blurb for Midnight Heat

He needs to escape...Justin Skaggs is on the road to anywhere--as long as it's far from home--when fate throws a kindred spirit across his path.

She needs to get to Oklahoma...Phoenix Montagno can't believe her luck when she runs into the hottie from the bar. He's the key to her getting everything she's always wanted, but she can't tell him that. Luckily he's not interested in learning her story any more than he is in sharing his.

Both have secrets they don't want to share...It's the perfect arrangement. No personal details. No talking at all. Just two strangers sharing the cab of a truck heading the direction they both need to go . . . until they decide to share a bed, too.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 4.50