Midnight Enchantment

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Midnight Enchantment

A Dark Magick Novel

Naill Quinn has been tasked by the Shadow Queen to capture Elizabeth Cely Saintjohn and make her turn over the missing pieces of the bosca fadbh. There are two reasons for this. Naill is able to do magic and he’s the finest thief in the Black Tower. His skills are such that he can get information from almost everyone. But he might have met his match in Elizabeth as he’s having problems even catching her!

Elizabeth was asked by the Summer Queen to hide the missing pieces. She doesn’t want the walls of Piefferburg to come down which is the only reason Elizabeth agreed to help her. If the walls come down, Elizabeth’s mother will die and Elizabeth will do anything she can to keep her mother alive. So far, she’s lead Naill on a merry chase but what happens if he catches her?

Each believes in their cause but as the chase continues they find themselves attracted to each other. In this situation, someone is going to have to loose and/or die.

To make matters worse, it seems that the religious fanatics that guard the wall have begun to sneak in and are working with the Summer Queen. It may mean war!

This is the last book in Anya Bast’s Dark Magick series. It takes all the loose ties in this wonderful world of Piefferburg and brings them to a close. Characters from the previous books are in this one allowing you to catch up on their lives. While you can probably thoroughly enjoy this book without having previously read the rest of this series, you will enjoy it more if you’ve already read it. This is a complex world and not all of it will be perfectly clear without all of the back stories.

The main characters, Elizabeth and Naill are fabulous. The passion for what they believe in comes across the page. The emotions that they are feeling, as well as the frustration that someone is going to loose, is enough to make you believe that you are there. What each brings to the story is knowledge that life isn’t black and white and some times you have to hurt the people you care about.

The intrigue between the courts is awesome. Alliances are made and then broken. Secrets are exposed. Power struggles begin. These are the elements that make up the backdrop of the fae’s struggle for freedom. Only one side will win but how far will the queens go to make it their side? Piefferburg may end up in ruins.

Just a brief mention about the world that this book is set in. The fae were rounded up and placed in Piefferburg, an area about the size of Virginia. Magical walls keep them in. These walls are maintained by a religious group called Phaendir who can weld magic. The Phaendir would like to see the fae dead. The fae come in many different varieties: goblins, nature fae, fairies, etc. There are a few that did not get captured, but very few.

I have really enjoyed this series and I’ve been waiting to see how the last book would resolve the issues of freedom. This book exceeded my expectations. First, the romance between Elizabeth and Naill was more than just falling in love. There were lives on the line and neither were going to totally win. Naill struggled to find solutions to the point of almost defying his queen. The Summer Queen made alliances were no fae needed or wanted to go. Her selfish behavior came through. The Summer Queen’s court lost their leader in her quest to keep the walls up which had them turning to the Shadow Queen for guidance. The world became chaos and after the chaos came …… You need to read the book.

Anya Bast has written one of the best fantasy romance series that I have read in a long time. From a complex world to hot sensual scenes, there is nothing she forgot to do. Each book is a treat to read and this, the last book, has a spectacular end.

Book Blurb for Midnight Enchantment

Niall Quinn, mage and the finest thief in the Black Tower, is the fae's best hope for freedom. But he meets his match in Elizabeth Cely Saintjohn. Torn between his duty and the shocking lust Elizabeth has stirred in him, Niall must convince her to surrender-before he is forced to destroy her and all she holds dear...

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.50