Men of Danger

Four great stories by four great authors in one book is what you’ll get.

Hannah’s Luck by Lora Leigh starts off this excellent book. Sheriff Rick Grayson is a widower. A couple of years before, he shot and killed his wife during a raid on a terrorist militia. His wife had been part of it as well as a drug addict. Rick had ignored all the signs. Hannah Brookes is a kindergarten teacher. She had Rick’s son in her class a couple of years prior. Since then, she’s had fantasies with Rick as the central player. Hannah and Rick tried dating a couple of times but it just wasn’t working. Could it be due to disinterest on Rick’s side or does he care too much and it scares the heck out of him?
When Hannah starts having break-ins, she turns to Rick for help.  After all, he is the sheriff! With attraction on both sides, will Rick be willing to help Hannah with more than her mysterious break-ins?
Zach Rivers isn’t your typical detective in Phoenix, AZ in Red Garnier’s Reckless. His father is in jail and he’s been obsessed with the daughter of the judge who sent him there. Paige Avery and Zach met in high school and fell in love against her father’s wishes. Paige is involved in an accident that kills her father and gives her amnesia. She remembers nothing of her life up to the time she wakes up. Now, several years later, Paige returns to Phoenix from WA to empty her mother’s house. Apparently there is something in it that someone doesn’t want Paige to find as it’s broken into almost immediately. Zach shows up on the scene to learn that Paige doesn’t remember him though she instinctively trusts him. Can Zach keep her safe until they find out what is going on? And will being with Zach help Paige bring back the memories she lost or will they just have to form some new ones?
Alexis Grant takes us on tour with R&B star Anita Brown in Tempt Me. Anita is known to be beautiful, talented and temperamental. Her family has been in her employ since she started making money but Anita has had enough of their partying and lack of work. For a USO tour in the Middle East, she’s hired a private security company headed by a former Special Forces member. 
Zachery Mitchell is a current member of Delta Force but he still keeps close tabs on his former teammate, Lowell. Lowell has started a new security company and has his first big contract. Unfortunately, Lowell is sick. Zachery is on leave and offers to take his place guarding Anita Brown. Will he find a spoiled diva? He’s not sure but what he is sure of he’s attracted and he’s on duty. Can his attraction go anywhere?
Love Me ‘Til Death by Lorie O’Clare has FBI agent Chase Reed at the scene of a murder being investigated by homicide detective Ashley Jones. Chase wants to help solve this crime which seems extremely similar to two previous murders but Ashley isn’t at all sure she wants his help or Chase even around. Knowing that he has to keep his involvement undercover, as Chase’s superiors wouldn’t appreciate him even unofficially working on a local matter, Chase has to get Ashley’s trust and cooperation. Can Ashley relax her guard long enough to let Chase help? Once she does, can she resist Chase?
While each story is unique and not connected to any other, each story has a strong hero that works for the greater good. These men face danger on a daily basis yet have a soft side that only a special woman can bring out. 
Though fairly short, the stories are complete and have a depth to them that only master storytellers can achieve in such a compact form. You get a real sense of each character and their situations. Nothing feels half done or incomplete. Some how background information gets into the story giving in a well rounded feel and gives each story a breath of life. I truly enjoyed reading each story and was pleasantly surprised on how much I got out of each. I would have sworn that I had read a full-length book and could easily written a full-length review on each story. There was nothing short and sweet about them. Instead, they were complex and extremely interesting.
The characters had a full life. You got glimpses of their history and how it affected their current lives. There was interaction between more than just our hero and heroine giving the characters even more depth and giving you more insight on who they really are.
If you want to spend a few hours with some very sexy men and find out who is behind some really bad things, pick any of these stories. All have a who did it aspect as well as an excellent love story satisfying any reader of suspense romance. This book is sure not to disappoint and sure to leave you with a smile on your face.

Book Blurb for Men of Danger


“Hannah’s Luck”

When burglars try to break into her home, kindergarten teacher Hannah Brookes is lucky to have Sheriff Rick Grayson on her side. Especially when their mutual attraction leads to distraction…



Police detective Zach Rivers isn’t the only man in Phoenix who’s obsessed with the beautiful Paige Avery—but he’s definitely the sexiest and, quite possibly, the most dangerous…


“Tempt Me”

R&B star Anita has beauty, talent, fame—and her very own stalker—which is why she needs a professional bodyguard. But can she resist mixing business with pleasure when the hired muscle is to die for?


“Love Me ’til Death”

Homicide detective Ashley Jones hates working with the FBI. But Chase Reed is one special agent whose rule-breaking methods, razor-sharp mind, and rock-hard body make for one killer combination…

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 5.00