Melting Into You

Savor Book 1

This m/m romance will have you as gooey as the melted cheese in Seth’s macaroni and cheese. It is so much more than just two guys getting it on. It has to do with feelings, trust and growing a relationship. While there is definite sexual tension, there are lives to be lived and this story shares two very different men’s lives. However, both are dedicated to helping those less fortunate which is how they meet. But, they also want to progress in their chosen careers. All this adds depth and complexity which makes this story come alive. Things are all rainbows and roses, as bad things do happen to good people. So, expect the unexpected as you relish this awesome romance. It’s so hot and yet so sweet. You’ll finish wanting to know more and positive this two are a perfect match.

Seth runs a food truck and is socially responsible. He is part of a group that encourages food trucks to donate their leftovers to local charities. In his case, he donates to a local homeless shelter. That where he sees a new employee, Ben. Ben is not Seth’s usual type but he is immediately attracted to him. Ben just moved to Austin and isn’t sure he wants to jump into anything. Yet, Seth intrigues him. Can he take a chance?

Book Blurb for Melting Into You

Seth Mason's life as a macaroni and cheese food truck owner in Austin, Texas, is pretty good, except for one thing: he'd like to find a man to share that life with. As part of an organization Seth founded, he donates leftovers to the local homeless shelter, and meets Ben, a new employee. He's a preppy guy, and very much not Seth's usual type, but the attraction is strong and not going away.

Ben's just moved to Austin from Connecticut to take a job as a case manager at the Austin City Mission, the first time he's left home and family. But only a short time after he starts work, he meets a man who, though he looks like an extra in a surfing movie, intrigues him. He's hardly seen what life in Austin has to offer, and yet finds he wants to discover that with Seth's help.

The passion burns hot between them--hotter even than Austin in the dog days of summer, and neither man can deny it. As they grow closer, both must decide if they have the necessary ingredients for lasting love, or if the relationship will go up in smoke.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 5.00