Meant to Be Mine

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Meant to Be Mine

Matchmaking Mamas

This book sounded so well; matchmaking mamas, the boy next door, and so much more. It started out so sweet that I was sure I was going to love it. And, while it was good, I can’t say I loved it. Eddie comes across as almost too good to be true and even Tiffany agrees. But, Tiffany comes across as a royal witch with nothing good to say. I really didn’t like Tiffany and had no idea why Eddie would. Okay, my opinion and yours may differ. The overall story was good. A lot of it was interesting and some was even funny. Okay, I liked Tiffany’s temper. I can’t rave how great this book is but I can say that it is a good solid romance that has interesting characters and a great plot.

Tiffany’s mother wants her married. She talks to a friend who is known to make matches. This time she may have goofed. Eddie is sent to Tiffany’s house to remodel her bathroom. He recognizes her right away as the woman who drove him nuts in college with her competitive manner and not wanting him to do better than her in anything. Tiffany doesn’t recognize Eddie at all. Can he keep their past a secret? Does he want to?

Book Blurb for Meant to Be Mine


He's a "gift"—a referral from the Matchmaking Mamas—sent by Tiffany Lee's mother to do her bathroom remodel. But the real surprise is that Tiffany already knows Eddie Montoya. When they were little, he was her playground protector. When they were in college, Eddie was her campus competition. And now she's a teacher and he's her handyman? 

Well, just on weekends. On Monday morning, Eddie shows up at Tiffany's school—as the new third-grade teacher. When a fund-raising contest between classes is announced, the old rivalry heats up. And it's game on! Except as the playful competition intensifies, so do their feelings for each other. And Eddie begins to wonder if they might work better…as a team.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 3.50