Me and My Shadow

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Me and My Shadow

A Novel of the Silver Dragons

May’s life is anything except simple. First, she’s doppelganger. Her twin, Cyrene gave up her common sense for May to be created. A demon has to create a doppelganger and Magoth created May. He also made her his consort, which basically means she’s at his beck and call, which would be fine if May even liked him. Not only does May not like Magoth but also she’s the mate to the silver dragon’s wyvern, Gabriel and plans on staying with him. 

Magoth has been thrown out of Abaddon and is now spending his days with May, slowly but completely driving her nuts. May has also been asked to watch a 6th level demon, Jim by her friend, Aisling, who is the green dragon’s wyvern’s mate. Aisling is due to give birth at any moment and her mate, Drake wants Jim away from Aisling.
If this isn’t enough, May has a dragon shard inside her. The only way to get rid of it is to unite all of the shards. Each dragon sept has one and Gabriel is making deals to get all of them. 
Also, the black dragons are trying to get recognized as a sept and Baltic seems to have risen from the dead and is causing problems. Will things ever settle down for May?
This is another story in Katie MacAlister’s dragon books. While this book can be read alone and you can enjoy it, it would be better if you had read the previous books. As you can tell, there is lots going on and Ms MacAlister is great at getting new readers up to speed, you would miss a lot of the details which enhance the story. To truly get the best feel for the dragons, start with the Aisling Grey stories and then the silver dragon ones.
Though there is a lot going on in this book, it does not feel rushed or hurried. Each problem is interconnected with at least one other in the book and this overlapping allows the story to unfold naturally and with a good pace. There is never any slow spots or places where the story drags basically because so much is going on. Major plot issues include a dragon sept being recognized, a demon needing to be removed, a shard needing to be controlled, a baby being born and a dragon coming back from the dead. One nice things is that as this is a series of books not everything has to be solved by the end of this one. After all, we need to have something to look forward to in the next book.
The characters are great. They are full of life, even the dead ones, and have wonderful personality quirks. Drake doesn’t want Aisling to do anything, even leave the house! And don’t let Gabriel get near Aisling, even though he is a healer and has delivered a lot of baby dragons. Magoth has a curse that is driving everyone nuts except maybe Drake’s mother which is shocking to Drake and his brother. Gabriel is doing his best to help May but really he’d much rather play dragon games with her. Cyrene doesn’t understand the word no or that when you break up with someone you can’t still tell them what to do. And Jim always has something to say….even when he isn’t in dog form!
I loved this book. I had to laugh in places and worried in others. Ms MacAlister did a masterful job with this story. The plot is rich in detail and characterizations. The story moves forward with determination and interest intriguing the reader into wondering what next. Regardless of which dragons lead the book, secondary characters have importance and add depth to not only this book but to the series.
As always, the book ends with a lead into the next which won’t come fast enough for Ms MacAlister’s fans. However, some questions are answered like where Aisling has her baby and what sex the baby is. Oh yeah, and you find out if May gets rid of the dragon shard or is stuck with it trying to turn her into a dragon.

Book Blurb for Me and My Shadow

May Northcott is at the end of her tether. Her demon boss has moved in and is making life hell. Her scorching hot dragon lover seems to think everything can be solved with a fiery kiss. And worse still, she's being shadowed by her ditsy twin sister -- a naiad who simply can't seem to stay out of trouble. The arrival of a nearly-dead man on May's doorstep could be the final spark that sets light to their tinder-box world. And with dragon war imminent, it's looking increasingly like it will be up to May (and her watery shadow) to stop it before the fire consumes them all, and their lives end up in smoke...

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 5.00