Master of the Abyss

Master of the Abyss is the long awaited sequel to Master of the Mountain. In Master of the Mountain, readers are introduced to brothers Jake and Logan Hunt. Master of the Mountain is Logan’s story and Master of the Abyss is Jake’s. You do not need to read Master of the Mountain to enjoy Master of the Abyss though the characters from that story are in this one as well as a guest appearance from a couple of characters from the Doms of Dark Haven.

Jake is a love them and leave them guy. Once is enough, ask any of the local women. After Jake released his slave two years ago and she committed suicide, Jake not only doesn’t want a real relationship, he doesn’t even indulge in his BDSM tendencies locally. He heads to the city and a club for those. He’s resolved that he’s never going to go through what he had ever again.

Kallie Masterson is a female wilderness guide. She works with two of her male cousins in a family business. She was orphaned at a young age and bounced around family members until finally landing here. She will do anything to be accepted by her family, including downplaying that she’s female. That’s not to say that she doesn’t have female friends because she does but she wears her hair very short and wears clothes that would better fit a lumberjack! Known for holding her own, she thinks nothing of protecting her friends when a bar fight starts.

Jake admires how well Kallie is ensuring her friends safety but no woman should have to do that. As he heads in her direction, Kallie is hit by a flying body, knocking the air out of her. Jake comes to her rescue and learns that this tough guide is actually a submissive! Even more shocking, he’s attracted to her. Can he keep to his one night only rule or will she be the one to make him break it?

Jake has to be careful though as the brothers have signed an agreement with her cousins’ business. It’s all a little shaky as the cousins aren’t too sure about the guests that Jake and Logan have coming to their lodge. They’ve heard rumors about whips and bondage.

Those rumors are based in fact and Kallie’s cousins send her over to see if she can deal with these kinky sex people. Kallie’s reactions are wonderful. She doesn’t want to react. She doesn’t want to participate yet she is drawn to some of the play like a moth to light. Ms Sinclair does an awesome job explaining and showing several facets of the BDSM lifestyle and the realization that every facet isn’t for everyone. Some things are better suited for some couples than others and this is perfectly all right. Jake learns a lot about Kallie as he explains what is going on.

And the characters are multi-faceted. There are layers that are slowly reveled throughout the story. No one has only one side to themselves and these characters are no different. Kallie loves her family yet worries that if she does something to anger them, they will send her away. Jake worries about getting close to anyone and can’t figure out how he missed the suicidal tendencies in his slave once she was released. Yet, he is actively involved in the community working rescue missions. Each character has secrets and issues that they must resolve before they will be able to move on giving them a realistic feel.

Besides the main characters and their family and friends, there is another character making a major impact on this story. There is a serial killer roaming the area. Though this killer has been working this area for at least two years, it takes until this summer until the deaths are connected. There is someone who gives the impression that he is the killer but will it be that easy?

As usual, I am in awe of Ms Sinclair’s writing. She is able to bring characters and situations to life which makes her readers connect with them. While I loved Jake and Kallie, I have to admit that the serial killer was a weak point in the book. I could see the connection but there felt to be something missing. Yet, the overall story was so strong that I can’t really get too caught up in one aspect of it.

I can’t help but to highly recommend Ms Sinclair’s stories. She is able to take a lifestyle that most aren’t too knowledgeable about, make it understandable and desirable and give her readers an emotional love story that addresses real issues. While I don’t think this is her best story to date, I can’t help but notice that this story is still more riveting and draws on more emotions than most other authors’ stories which allows me to highly recommend it.

Book Blurb for Master of the Abyss

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Genre: BDSM Suspense
Length: Novel Plus
On the mountain, the watcher seeks out evil women. And then they die.
Two years ago, when Jake Hunt uncollared his slave, she committed suicide. Guilt-ridden, he will commit to a woman for one night only, devoting his energy to a mountain lodge that caters to a BDSM crowd.
Kallie Masterson is tough. Unwanted as a child, she worked hard to become a wilderness guide. She’s proud of who she is, and hurt that Jake frowns on her for acting like a man.
After rescuing the macho guide from a bar fight, Jake is stunned that the ugly men’s clothing hides a warm, responsive woman. A submissive woman. When guide business brings her to the lodge on BDSM night, and she is obviously aroused by the play, Jake takes the little sub right into his world of pain and pleasure. He warns her: one night only. But she responds so beautifully -- so joyously -- under his command, that one night soon becomes two, then three...
Then a missing hiker reminds Jake of his past lover, and he realizes he’s become too involved. He pulls back.
Meanwhile, the watcher on the mountain has rendered his verdict: Kallie Masterson is evil. The sentence: Death.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, BDSM theme and elements, exhibitionism, violence, voyeurism. 

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 4.75