Master at Arms

Dragon Knights, Book 2.5

This is a wonderful addition to Bianca D’Arc’s Dragon Knights series. Unique, interesting and a perfect blend of adventure and romance, this story grabbed my attention and kept me glue to my kindle from start to finish. The entire first part of this story is from a dragon point of view which brings a unique perspective to the events that were occurring. The blend of cultures was different and having a mystery that needed to be solved even added more interest. Though the timing of this story is between a couple of previous stories, it’s not necessary to have read any of this festinating series to thoroughly enjoy this one. Expect hot knights, hotter sex and a dragon set on romance as you read this remarkable romantic story.

Rath is determined not to claim another knight until he finds a one who’s heart is pure and his fighting skill at a master’s level. While he’s looking, he helps train dragons at a new hold. He never expected to find a possible knight when rushing to help a keep during a skith attack, yet he does. He also observes the attraction that this man has with Lady Cara. But, it’s not just these three who must decide, Rath’s mate and her knight have an equal say. It helps that Thorn, the knight, is also attracted to Lady Cara but will she accept two knights which is against everything she’s been brought up to expect? And, will the outlander, Tristan, even want to be a dragon’s knight?

Book Blurb for Master at Arms

One dragon to play matchmaker…two knights to serve a lady’s every pleasure.

When the call to arms goes out, the dragon Golgorath is the first to take to the skies. Until he finds a knight to equal his heart and fighting skill, Rath flies alone while his mate must wait for her knight, Thorn, to climb on her back. The battleground is a familiar one, an old keep, a noble house without a patriarch, under attack from the evil, snake-like skiths.

Lady Cara can fight, but knows better than to try to lead men. With her brother wounded, she relies on her new Master at Arms, Tristan. He is a mysterious, recklessly brave foreigner who can never be hers, as she is to be married off to the highest bidder.

Amidst the battle, Rath spies the warrior doing the impossible—slaying a skith single-handed. Rath realizes fate may have just stepped in to help both dragons and men. In Tristan, Rath sees a man worthy of being his knight and, together with Thorn, win Lady Cara’s heart into a triad of love. If Tristan’s loyalties can first be won by dragonkind.

Warning: When two dragons really want something, it’s best not to stand in their way. And when their knights are focused on a single woman, nothing and no one will stop them from getting what they want. Beware! This trio gets up to all kinds of naughtiness in the pursuit of true love.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 5.00