Marshal of Hel Dorado

Fevered Hearts, #1

This story is totally unique in so many ways. It’s a wonderful mixture of Old West romance but it has twists that are so unexpected. There is a mysterious fever than leaves few survivors and those survivors have gifts that are so remarkable that no one would believe them. However, one man, a Native American shaman, has collected several of these children and raised them. Now, their home is threatened and these young men and woman are robbing banks to get enough money to buy their mountain home. During the last robbery, the woman is caught as her brother disappears through the wall. Yes, through the wall, not over or around.

Welcome to a wild west where shift changers, fire starters, and walking through dreams can be the norm. But, all the elements of what we know as the old west are also present. Most people don’t realize these people with unique qualities even exist, which is as it should be. This first book of Heather Long’s Fevered Heart series lays down an awesome world with characters that you just can’t get enough of. None are alike, even the brothers, but all are likeable and loveable. I found this first book absolutely fantastic and as the next two books are already out, I can wait to read more!

Scarlett just had to tag along with her brothers as they robbed banks. She’s never been off the mountain where they were raised and she just wants to see the rest of the world. She never expects to be caught by a Marshall but she’s also sure that her brothers will come and get her. However, the town is out for blood over the thief of the bank’s gold and Scarlett is their target. To keep her safe, Marshall Sam Kane moves her to his family’s ranch. Along the ride, he has to keep reminding himself that she’s a prisoner, not a lady to be pampered as he was taught. Sam’s father has different ideas and Sam is having problems reminding everyone that Scarlett is not a guest, including himself as he feels drawn to her. But, Scarlett has a secret that can and will change everything, as Sam learns. Will it really matter or will Sam get burned?

Book Blurb for Marshal of Hel Dorado

In the shadows of the Old West, that untamed land, live bands of outlaws and outsiders. In a time when fevers could fell whole towns, these few survivors are marked. Marked…and forever changed.

Sam Kane is the oldest brother, the steadfast son and the confident marshal. He’s never met a problem too hot to handle until a gang behind a string of robberies across the territory set their sights on his town. Now with the bank’s gold inexplicably missing from a locked safe, the town hunting the elusive thieves and a passionate redhead with a fiery secret in his jail, Sam has his hands full.

Scarlett Morning Star lived in seclusion in the mountains of West Texas most of her life. She longs for adventure, but with seven very protective older brothers, adventure is hard to come by. When she tags along uninvited on their latest escapade, she is left behind during a bank robbery and finds herself in the custody of the very sexy town marshal.

The town wants to lynch her, the Marshal wants answers and her brothers want her back, can Scarlett keep it together or will her explosive secret burn them all?

Her life. His badge. Their fight.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 5.00