Marine with Benefits

Always a Marine – Book 16

One sexy Marine and a magical 1 Night Stand make this short story a must read. While part of a series (actually two series), this story does not need to be read in conjunction with any other story. It stand alone. Derek grew up with Kara’s brother so they’ve known each other for years but a promise is a promise so Derek isn’t touching Kara. As always, I’m amazed on how much information and life Ms Long can put into so few pages. This story comes to life and becomes very realistic. Not only are the problems and issues that Derek and Kara face real but the fact that Kara’s brother is killed at war reflects today’s reality. Not everyone makes it home. But, this is a wonderful love story that will touch your heart and leave you smiling. I highly recommend this story, and both of the series that it is part of.

Kara has had a crush on Derek since he ran around the neighborhood with her brother Keith. But, he never seems to notice or maybe he just doesn’t feel the same attraction that she does. Derek and Keith were best friends and joined the Marines together. Keith did notice the attraction and warned Derek to leave his sister alone. Now, Keith is dead and Derek has to do something to get Kara out of his mind! He turns to Madame Eve and her 1 Night Stand service only to find out his date is Kara. Now, what?

Book Blurb for Marine with Benefits

She’s his best friend’s sister…

From cradle to grave, Derek and Keith grew up together, enlisted, served, and rose through the ranks together. When Keith died in the field, the last thing he asked was for Derek to keep watch over his sister. But every time Derek is around Kara, he wants to touch her. A promise stands between them and he refuses to seduce his best friend’s baby sister. Determined to get her out of his mind, he signs up for a one-night stand.

He’s the one she wants…

Ever since Kara ran into a shirtless Derek, she’s known he was the one. He promised to bring her brother home and he was there for her at his funeral. But he remains unattainable, no matter their chemistry. Frustrated, she takes a girlfriend’s advice and signs up for a one-night stand.

The last person they expected…

Dressed to kill, Kara doesn’t know whether to scream or cry when Derek turns out to be her date. He’s furious that she’d sign up for a night of sex with a perfect stranger, but together their reunion is combustible and neither can deny the power of their attraction.

He may have been her brother’s best friend, but she wants him to be her Marine with Benefits.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.50