Marine in the Wind

Always a Marine – Book 15

My perfect combination: a 1 Night Stand story and Heather Long’s Marines. There is nothing better. Though this story is short, it will not feel like it as it has a great deal of depth, plot and complexity. It’s more than just one night, it’s a complete story. It’s more than just one couple, it’s their friends and family and even the entire town! Elements of Native American beliefs are present and play a role in this story. But, it’s also a story of healing, love and moving on. The characters are awesome, so very different and yet really wanting the same thing. Whether you’ve read several 1 Night Stand stories or none, this one has to be a must read. (Especially as each story stands alone so you never have to read them in any order.) I absolutely loved this story and hope to see more stories set in Freewill, WY.

Greg has left Mike’s Place in TX and is heading to Freewill, WY to help a friend on his ranch. He hopes the hard work will give him what he’s looking for. Within days, Greg meets an older Native American man who has him walking and listening to the wind. However, his granddaughter isn’t at all happy with Greg or her grandfather. Georgia has rules for her sick grandfather and walking miles isn’t something she wants him to do. She’s sure Greg is helping him and she’s furious. She’s also attracted to him. Each applies to 1 Night Stand for a date but neither expects the other to show up! Now what?

Book Blurb for Marine in the Wind

Freewill bound…

Greg Rainwater lost a piece of himself in the deserts of Iraq, a piece his Shaman great-grandfather would call his soul. Heading to Freewill, Wyoming, the retired Marine hopes to find what he’s looking for. After one meeting with the beautiful Georgia Crane, he thinks he has found the missing piece. She has other ideas.

Under her skin…

Georgia gave up her dreams to look after her stubborn, ailing grandfather in small-town Freewill. Newcomer Greg isn’t helping by enabling the old man to break her careful rules every chance he gets. That doesn’t stop her from lusting after the hot Marine—she simply refuses to give into the desire.

Sexual healing…

Paired together by Madame Eve’s 1Night Stand dating service, Georgia is mortified, while Greg can’t believe his good luck. Distrust turns to attraction and irritation to desire, but can they bridge their differences and find what they’re missing—each other?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 5.00