Man in Uniform

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Man in Uniform

Evie isn’t sure what is wrong. Her sex drive is zip. After she has sex, she feels unfulfilled and like something is missing. She’s almost to the point of checking out therapy. Even the set-up her best friend, Brooke, sent her on Halloween didn’t help though it was fun.

Of course, Brooke is a uniform junkie and sent two cops to Evie’s house. Evie knows better than to get into a relationship with a cop. Her two older brothers are cops and as good as they look in uniform, Evie wants someone who works 9 to 5 and leaves the job at work. Too bad all the guys she dates that do that are jerks.

Evie’s life changes after her purse is grabbed while shopping. Evie doesn’t even think but to run after the thief only to literally run into the guy that retrieved her purse. Thanking him with a cup a coffee seemed reasonable, but what is she doing inviting him to dinner?

Jedd Madden is only too happy to go out to dinner with Evie. There is a sizzle between them that he would love to explore. Will he be able to do so once Evie finds out his job? Better still, will Jedd be able to rev up Evie’s sex drive? It appears that time and trust may be the answer but will Evie and Jedd be up to the challenge?

This is a quick story full of hot sexy guys and graphic sexual encounters. That’s not to say that there isn’t a plot along with all the sex, but it’s a warning as to what you’re getting.

Evie is the most developed character and readers are able to get a pretty good glimpse into her life and motives. Some of this is through actions while some is from talking to Brooke or reflections. Jedd isn’t as well developed but he is able to serve his purpose.

There were some things that jolted me. A couple of times I had to check and then double check that I hadn’t missed a page or paragraph or some sort of transition. It was as if I was in the middle of one scene only to turn the page to find myself in the middle of a totally different one. Also, the conversations between Evie and Jedd seemed stilted and somewhat unnatural.

Yet, I enjoyed this quick story. I was able to read it in an afternoon and it was just about the correct length. Normally I enjoy a more in-depth story but for a relaxing afternoon tease, this was just right.

Book Blurb for Man in Uniform

WARNING: this book contains a m/m/f ménage scene with law enforcement hunks.

Evie’s sex drive has been suffering and any bedroom romps leave her with a scary feeling of emptiness. Even a threesome on Halloween doesn’t work. She’s on the verge of seeing a therapist while her friend Brook entertains cop fantasies she’d rather not hear about. With two cops for brothers, Evie’s familiar with the harsh reality of the profession and has no intention of getting involved with one.

Walking mindlessly in Manhattan gets her mugged, but a stranger becomes her hero when he recovers her bag. She’s instantly drawn to his good looks and offers to treat him to coffee. With attraction sizzling between them, Jedd Madden is full of surprises, including the title Lieutenant attached to his name. When he asks her out on a proper date, she panics and blurts out her sex problem. Instead of running the other way, he is determined to treat her with his own brand of therapy.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.00