Make Me, Sir

Masters of the Shadowlands, #5

Submissives are coming up missing from Atlanta BDSM clubs including Gabi Renard’s friend Kim. One of the women escaped her kidnappers and was able to pass on that the next city targeted would be Tampa before she died of a gun wound. Gabi, though she works with the FBI, is not an agent. She’s a victim specialist or a social worker who works with victims of crime. Regardless of her status, Gabi is determined to volunteer to be a decoy to find the men that took her friend.

Local agent, Preston Rhodes tries to convince the agent in charge of the investigation to ignore her. However, Special Agent Galen Kouros agrees to Gabi’s request based on her experiences in BDSM clubs. She will be watched and followed by Rhodes and other agents. Her assignment is in the private club, The Shadowlands.

Master Z, owner of The Shadowlands, isn’t real thrilled about having someone undercover in his club but feels that it is in the best interest of the community to catch whoever is taking the subs. He is placing Gabi with the club’s trainees under Master Marcus.

Marcus Atherton is originally from GA and is a practicing lawyer. He’s only been a member of The Shadowlands for about a year but loves the club and enjoys the people in it. He’s a respected Dom and a respected trainer. He’s divorced and not looking to have a serious relationship. He especially doesn’t like bratty subs which is what Gabi is going to pretend to be.

From the first moment Master Marcus sees Gabi’s blue streaked hair and her wondering where she doesn’t belong, he knows she’s going to be acting out and causing trouble. His glimpses of her sweet submission don’t seem to jive with her bratty behavior. Who is the real Gabi?

Tensions are stressed within The Shadowlands as the Doms realize that Master Z is keeping a secret which affects them all. Master Z’s sub, Jessica thinks he’s found someone new. And Gabi seems to be causing trouble with all the Doms. Will Gabi’s cover hold? Will the kidnappers take the bait?

This is the fifth book in Ms Sinclair’s Masters of the Shadowlands series. Unlike her previous books in this series, this book includes all of the characters from the previous books and gives her fans an update on what is happening with some and includes others into this plot. Because of this, this book is longer than the previous books and seems to have a more complex plot.

The characters are extraordinary. Gabi has to keep giving herself pep talks and reminding herself what role she is playing. She is a loyal friend and is more than willing to do anything for Kim, even when it means getting herself involved in a scene that is more intense than her experience allows. Marcus is a strong Dom with fantastic southern manners which can melt even the brattiest sub’s heart. He may be a lawyer but he’s anything but stodgy. Agent Rhodes comes across as an egotistical jerk that has to demean others, especially women, to make himself feel important. Special Agent Kouros and his partner though seem caring and involved agents. They also scream Dom. Of course, all of the primary characters from the previous books come back and are just as endearing as they were when the story revolved around them.

The scenario that is the premise for this story, subs being kidnapped, comes through as believable. The how this is happening and the why it is happening come through. The motives for those helping the mastermind is discussed. There is more than enough background material to see how this scenario would work and work well which gives intensity to the story.

BDSM doesn’t sound all emotional and cozy. In Ms Sinclair’s books, emotional ties are one of the driving forces for her characters. Though some aspects of BDSM sound painful and not at all erotic, the emotional pull between the characters involved gives you an understanding of what they feel and desire. The Masters and all of the Doms at The Shadowlands want to protect their subs as they push them past their limits. After care is as important as the scene and this care and attention make this lifestyle seem very attractive.

On that note, read Ms Sinclair’s author’s note. There is important and valuable information in it. She stresses that this is a fictional place with fictional Doms and that finding the right Dom for yourself may take a long time and a lot of effort. Sane, safe and consensual is the name of the game and remember that.

I always look forward to Ms Sinclair’s books. Her characters and their emotions draw me into the story. I begin to feel as if I know these people and that I’m part of their lives. Make Me, Sir is one of the best stories that she has written and it is definitely the most complex. Her ability to integrate several characters into a story that has you loving all of the good guys and wishing you could be one of the subs is truly amazing. Each time she introduces a new character, you want to know more about them and hope that soon they will get their own book.

I strongly recommend this book to anyone who loves a highly emotional romance with some police (FBI) involvement along with a bit of kink.

Book Blurb for Make Me, Sir

Her job is to make his life miserable. His job is to make her submit. Whose heart will surrender first?

Across the country, rebellious BDSM submissives are being systematically kidnapped, one from each club. When her friend falls prey to the slavers, FBI victim specialist Gabrielle volunteers to be bait in a club not yet hit: the Shadowlands.

She finds that being a bratty sub comes naturally, especially when she gets to twit the appallingly conservative Master of the trainees. But she soon discovers he’s not as stuffy as she’d thought. Or as mean. She’d expected punishment, even humiliation, but she sure never expected to fall in love with a damned lawyer.

Courtesy of a prima donna ex-wife, Marcus loathes disobedient submissives. When the club owner insists he admit an incredibly bratty trainee, he’s furious. But as he comes to know Gabrielle and sees the alluring sweetness beneath the sass, he starts to fall for her.

Unfortunately, Marcus isn't the only one who believes the feisty redhead is a prize worth capturing. And in the world of the slaver, such treasure is worth a hefty fee.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 5.00