Maiden's Curse

Siren Warrior Series Book 1

Gypsy Theron wanted nothing more than to get a coveted spot at the military academy. It didn’t matter to her that a woman had never been there and it didn’t matter that she was much smaller than the AEssyrian warriors that she would have to fight to get that spot. Her father was the general and she had grown up watching him in his matches and his practice. She desired nothing more than to train and follow his footsteps but AEssyrian women are brought up to marry and run their households, not fight battles. It also didn’t help that Gypsy was part human which made her even smaller than her female counterparts though she was tall for a human! With or without training, with or without proper armor, Gypsy had to earn enough points in the tournaments this year if she was going to have a shot at a slot at the academy. Though she was going to have to fight her father every step of the way, she was determined to get her chance.
Colonel Caraculla who works for Gypsy’s father, Gavin, tries to help Gypsy in small ways such as lending her a decent saber. What Caraculla doesn’t know is Gypsy has fantasies that involve him. If he did, perhaps her would express the feelings he has for Gypsy instead of just watching her. 
Knowing she has to be trained if she’s ever to realize her dreams, Gypsy turns to her grandfather, a famous evil sorcerer looking for help. While he turns her down, he does allow her to talk to one of her dead brothers for advice. His advice was to ask the Master Sergeant for help which she does. His doesn’t want money for his payment though, he wants sex. Can Gypsy pay this price to get what she wants? And if she can’t, where does she turn next?
This book gives excellent examples of society wanting to keep people in their place and not letting them strive for what they dream of doing. Gypsy wants to be something no other female has ever been. Her parents don’t understand why she can’t just be like normal girls her age and look for a good husband. The other contestants fighting for a slot at the military academy want to hurt and/or rape her. Basically they want to do anything they can to get rid of her. Anyone giving her support is subject to social pressure and possibly being relieved from their jobs, killed or demoted. 
While this society seems rigid, it was not fully explored or explained in this book. The impression is that to get a good marriage a girl should be chaise but many of the girls in the book seem to be engaged in activities that they shouldn’t be. AEssyrians are a long lived people yet the impression is that they marry young and some how or for some reason the women do not live as long as the men yet the men die frequently during tournaments or battle. In other words, you got impressions and glimpses of A Essyrian society but not a full picture.

Book Blurb for Maiden's Curse

On the harsh and brutal planet of AEssyria, women are expected to be quiet, obedient and demur, but poor Gypsy Theron is none of these things.

To the great chagrin of her parents, Gypsy Theron is a hellion, and growing up the daughter of a famous AEssyrian General hasn’t helped matters. Now, at nineteen, it’s time for her to choose her own career and she’s chosen to be a warrior. Unfortunately, for her, that’s an impossible dream for a woman of AEssyria .

Colonel Caraculla is a Razorback AEssyrian and the general’s right hand man. He served under Gavin for a very long time and the two are as close as brothers. But Gypsy is about to storm into his life and steal his heart away. His love for her will not only strain his friendship with Gavin, it will cost him everything.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 3.75