Magick & Mayhem

An Abracadabra Mystery

This story was a bit dryer than I expected. It is set up to be a wonderful humorous mystery. I found all the elements to be there but the humor doesn’t always take off. Yet, the story was interesting and quirky. It has a wonderful combination of magic, ghosts, time-travel and a murderer. Kailyn has always wanted to be a super sleuth like Nancy Drew but her skills are not nearly as good. There are lots of suspects including the police officer investigating the murder of Kailyn’s best friend’s husband. All of the characters seem to have a motive and many even seem to have issues with alibis. So, even though some of the humor falls flat, the overall story isn’t bad. And for those who like a little romance with their mystery, Kailyn does meet someone but it seems as though her aunt is the one who scores. Not a great book but not a bad one either. These characters could definitely evolve into a series with very little trouble and I suspect that things will come together better as the series develops.

Nothing much happens in the small town of New Camel even though there has been a magical community within it for centuries. When a local attorney is murdered, the entire town is shocked. And, for Kailyn, owner of the magical shop Abracadabra, it seems like the perfect opportunity to figure out who did it. The local police think it was his wife, Kailyn’s best friend. Kailyn knows that isn’t right but who did? His mistress? A disgruntled client? The dentist across the hall from his office whom he’s been feuding with? Lots of choices but only one did it!

Book Blurb for Magick & Mayhem

What’s in a murderer’s bag of tricks?

Twenty-something Kailyn Wilde has learned to embrace her unpredictable life as a descendant of small-town New Camel’s most magickal family. She just didn’t expect to inherit her mother and grandmother’s centuries-old shop, Abracadabra, so suddenly. The surprises keep coming when Kailyn goes to finalize the estate at the local attorney’s office—and stumbles over the body of her best friend Elise’s husband . . .

As a brash detective casts the blame on Elise, Kailyn summons her deepest powers to find answers and start an investigation of her own. What with running a business, perfecting ancient spells, and keeping up with an uninvited guest of fabled origins, Kailyn has her hands full. But with the help of her uncanny black cat Sashkatu and her muumuu-clad Aunt Tilly, she’s closing in on a killer—who will do anything to make sure she never tests her supernatural skills again!

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2017 3.50