Made to Order

This book is the sequel to Made for Me.

Agent Holton Varz, or Holt, had to argue with his boss, Commander Maverick, Mav, Spenser about his newest assignment within the Federation Earth Council. He understood that sex slave dealers needed to be stopped but why did he have to be paired up with Rebecca Halian. Holt had been trying to avoid Rebecca for a while and posing as a couple needing sex therapy wasn’t going to help. The biggest problem was if Holt didn’t take the assignment, Mav was just going to give it to another man and Holt wasn’t going to let that happen!

Rebecca is the best computer hacker that the office has so Holt really could appreciate on why she was being assigned this mission but before they show up to a sex therapy session, they needed to learn a few things about each other. Holt isn’t exactly human. He’s Cragon and Cragon males have a few enhancements that human males do not. Everything should be okay as long as Rebecca isn’t Holt’s true mate which would trigger a secretion that would change Rebecca. And even if she is, Holt is sure he can maintain control as to not completely change her.

Rebecca has wanted Holt for a long time. She’s really looking forward to this assignment and hopes that she can break Holt’s iron control. She’s seen cracks in it but can she make those cracks even wider?

This is a fast, quick book due to it not being many pages and its fast pace. There is no down time for these agents as they jump right to work and into a situation where they have to get up close and personal. Sparks fly as they try to do their mission while each is working on their personal feelings with this pairing. Who is going to win, Holt who thinks he needs to be far away from Rebecca or Rebecca who just wants Holt?

Set in 2210, this futuristic setting allows the reader to get a glimpse into a new world. Things are similar to the 21st century but there are enough differences to make it feel exotic.

The characters are well defined and well written. You can feel the struggle Holt has between what his body wants to do and what he thinks is the correct thing to do. Rebecca needs what Holt is giving her tastes of but is not as sure as how to get it. As the plot pretty much revolves around their actions, they needed to be real and they are.

The sex in this story is graphic and detailed. After all how are you going to fully appreciate the Cragon difference if you don’t get to read about them up close and personal?

I found this to be a perfect book for that lazy afternoon. It won’t take more than an hour or two to read but gives you ideas for hours of fun.

This story is the sequel to Made for Me but you do not have to read that story to thoroughly enjoy this one.

Book Blurb for Made to Order

Short -

Sex therapy! No way will Holt ever agree to that. Not with Rebecca. They want him to go undercover at a sex-therapy club—play dominant male to her submissive female. Piece of cake for Holt. After all, he’s Cragon. But with Rebecca, the woman he has fought so hard to resist? When Mav threatens to send another man, Holt has no choice. He’ll just have to get a grip and get it done.

Once at the club, things become very hot, very fast, as they work on their “sexual problem”. Rebecca discovers that Cragon males are enhanced with some amazing physical attributes. While Holt is fighting his desire and trying to maintain control, Rebecca is determined to discover and use all his Cragon “goodies”. Secrets have kept them apart too long. Rebecca is going after her man.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 4.50