Lust Rebooted

Totally unique futuristic romance that only has three characters and only one of them is human! In fact, only two have bodies.

Zoe works at a remote space station and her only companion is the station’s computer. She’s done some tinkering with it’s programing and not Rupert is closer to a friend than a machine. He interacts with her, expresses some emotion and cares for her. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that he’s just a machine. An unexpected and very late (or early depending on how you look at it) Christmas present arrives. It’s a sex bot named S.A.M.. Sam’s programing is very basic but his function is not only obvious but well programed. But, Rupert is jealous, if it’s possible for a computer to be jealous. A surprise by the computers, has Zoe needing to make choices and quickly, if she is to survive but one of her wired companions may not.

Once I got over the “I’m not sure about loving a machine” factor, I found this to be a very entertaining romance. There was plenty of action, in and out of bed. The suspense factor was awesome. For a short story, there was a lot packed into it. My interest was grabbed almost from the beginning as I wondered where this story was going and the journey to the end was outstanding.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed some of Ms D’Obo’s more traditional romance stories and I’m thrilled to say that this one was just as good. If you’ve never read her work, you’re missing some excellent writing.

Book Blurb for Lust Rebooted

Zoe is all alone on an outpost monitoring a lonely quadrant of space. It’s nearly Christmas and all she has for company is her computer AI, Rupert. She isn’t expecting a present from Xion Corporation to help pass the time, but when she opens the box to find a sex bot, a whole world of steamy entertainment possibilities come to mind.

When Zoe activates Sam she doesn’t realize the trouble she’s in for. Sam takes Zoe to sexy new heights and Rupert does a stellar impersonation of a jealous boyfriend. Zoe struggles to ground herself in reality despite her growing lust, but it’s becoming more and more obvious she’s falling in love. But with who—Sam or Rupert?

When a computer virus is unleashed on the outpost, Zoe must choose—or risk losing them both.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 5.00