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The Malloys of Montana, #2

R. C. Ryan has a style that reminds me of Diana Palmer. Her heroes are strong, take charge men who seem larger than life. Her heroines are young, trying to be independent but not doing a terrific job of it and sexually inexperienced. And, not matter how much they are alike, each is unique and interesting.

Though I was sure how this story would end, I still enjoyed the journey getting there. The warmth of family and good friends comes through. The bad guys are bad enough that you know they are going to get caught and you won’t be sad. Reading this book is almost like a guilty pleasure and it’s a book that any age romance reader will enjoy. There is no explicit sex scenes or truly bad language. These rich ranchers are so much more than their money! You’re going to fall in love with the entire Mallory family.

Luke loves being in the remote areas of his family’s ranch. He feels more at home in the wilderness than he would ever feel in the city. Finding wild horses is just part of a perfect day until someone takes a shot at them and Luke finds himself hurt. Ingrid loves seeing the wild horses and wonders why someone would shoot at them. When she goes to investigate, she finds a handsome cowboy needing immediate help. She can’t just leave him even if he was probably the one to fire the gun. Getting Luke to her ranch won’t be easy and Ingrid is going to find that getting rid of him won’t be easy either.

Book Blurb for Luke

Wild at Heart. . .

Wild. Reckless. Stubborn. That's Luke Malloy in a nutshell. The solitary life of a rancher and the untamed Montana wilderness make him feel alive-and nothing will ever change that. Not even being thrown from his horse and forced to accept a stranger's help. The fact that this stranger is a beautiful blonde with a passion for ranching that rivals his own doesn't hurt. But there's a secret she's hiding, and Luke won't rest until he uncovers it...

Ingrid Larsen doesn't need anyone's help. Not with managing her family's ranch. Not with raising her little sister. And certainly not with the mysterious incidents occurring on her property. When this too-sexy-for-his-own-good cowboy needs a place to recover, she hopes he'll be in and out in no time flat. But just as she's beginning to trust Luke's promise of protection, Ingrid's secret threatens to tear them apart.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2016 4.00