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Lucky In Love

Milli and Beau meet almost two years ago at a wedding. Beau had just been dumped by his girlfriend and had had too much to drink. Milli had just broke off her engagement when she found her fiancé in a motel room with another woman. They end up have a one night stand with a few complications. Beau searched for Milli having no luck. The only thing he has is his dreams, an ear ring and his cousins telling him he imagined the whole thing. Milli discovers that you can get pregnant your first time and has a beautiful baby girl named Katy to prove it.
When Milli’s paternal grandparents ask her to come help out at their ranch after her grandfather has hip replacement, she doesn’t think twice about accepting. She grew up on a ranch and can do anything her older brothers can do. She loves this type of work. What she doesn’t expect is to find the man from the wedding two years previous yelling at her from the next ranch. He doesn’t seem to remember her but what is he doing there and with Katy being the exact image as what he must have looked like as a baby, Milli is seriously thinking of running back to TX. 
Beau is 30 years old and ready to settle down and start a family. He’s been dating Amanda for about 6 months and has decided that he’ll be asking her to marry him this week. He’s got the ring and everything all picked out. Even though Amanda doesn’t like the ranch or the country dances Beau enjoys he’s sure he can get her to change her mind once they’re married. When he sees Milli, he’s sure that he’s seen her before but just can’t remember where. If he wasn’t committed to Amanda, he’d be sure to take the time to find out where they’d met.
Amanda has plans of her own. She plans on marrying Beau and divorcing him 6 months later so she can get half of his ranch. Milli overhears Amanda’s plans but feels helpless to stop what is already in motion. She’s attracted to Beau but he’s got Amanda. He’s about to make the biggest mistake of his life and there’s no way for her or anyone to stop him. When Amanda learns of legal papers she needs to sign before the wedding stating that the ranch can not be sold, she’s livid but is she so mad that she’ll break her engagement? What about Katy? Will Beau find out he’s a father or will Milli be able to keep it a secret?
I found this to be a cute little romance story. Milli is definitely her own woman with a hot temper that goes off quickly and cools off just as quick. Beau is her match with his stubborn hard-headedness and determination. If Milli wasn’t so full of fire, I’d swear that I was reading Diana Palmer. 
I found a few things that though minor distracted me from the story. The first one was almost at the very beginning of the book. Milli’s grandmother is described having a spry step the belied her sixty years. I should hope that she had a spry step at sixty as she isn’t very old. Most people are still working and very active at sixty and this description gives the impression of someone much older. However, about midway through the book her parents are fifty which doesn’t seem possible if her grandmother is sixty! Also some of the dialog sounded as stilted. At a dance a young man tells Milli’s grandmother he’ll come by if she brews up some peach cobbler. I’ve made peach cobbler, baked peach cobbler, served peach cobbler and several other things but I’ve never brewed it nor do I know anyone who has. Other conversations sound as if every “folksy” word or phrase that could be found was thrown into it making to sound a bit off. 
One of the major “problems” that this couple had was their racial backgrounds. Milli is what she calls Mexican while Beau is blond and blue-eyed. While Milli is proud of her ethnic background, she seems to feel like she has to overcome it. Beau doesn’t see the problem and quite frankly, neither do I. I think too much was made about their differences and I’m not sure what a full blooded Mexican would be as most Latin Americans are a mixture of Spanish and Indian. To me, Milli saw herself as Mexican where Beau saw her as an American of Mexican ancestry.
Regardless of the minor annoyances, the underlying story was good. The characters were well developed and the story extended to include Beau and Milli’s families as well as some of the town people. Most of the situations that had a slight humorous twist to them giving them a light hearted feel. With Milli’s can do attitude, you know right from the start that she’s going to give Beau a run for his money and love isn’t going to come easy for this couple.

Book Blurb for Lucky In Love

Beau Hasn’t Got a Lick of Sense When it Comes to Women

Everything Hunky rancher “Lucky” Beau Luckadeau touches turns to gold—except relationships. He’s gone and lost track of the woman of his dreams, and now he’s got himself tied up with a gold-digging schoolteacher even meaner than his big old Black Angus Bull…

Milli can mend a fence, Pull a calf, or shoot the eyeballs out of a rattlesnake at a hundred yards

When spitfire Mille Torees shows up to help out at the Lazy Z ranch, she’s horrified to find that her nearest neighbor is Beau Luckadeau—the very man she’d hopped never to lay eyes on again…

Now Beau’s about to make the biggest mistake of his whole life, and there’s not a single blessed thing Milli can do about it. And if Beau ever figures out what really happened out that steam Louisiana night when they first met, there’ll be the devil to pay!


Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 3.00