Loving Her Alphas

Based on the blurb I thought this sounded like an interesting story. And, while it was interesting I found that I ended up with more questions than answers. Rayne’s character is mixed to me. At some points she comes across as a strong-willed woman and at others she comes across as clueless or impractical. She’s been let go from her job with a less than adequate severance yet she’s spending money without regard to budget. The lodge she wants to revitalize is torn down due to graffiti, broken windows and some roof damage; all of which is fixable. There are references to several werewolf packs yet really only two families are talked about. Those families are having a power struggle. It didn’t feel as if this world was fully developed. Okay, now to the better parts. The sex scenes were well done. The incorporating of all of the brothers was fine. Even the brothers were described well and while all of them did have some family traits, each was different. Overall, it was okay as long as you aren’t looking for a book with a lot of depth and detail.

Rayne has returned to her grandparent’s land. She plans on revitalizing the lodge and living there after being fired from her job in Chicago. She use to spend her summers there and is looking forward to this challenge. She doesn’t expect to crash her car while avoiding a wolf nor does she expect to be attacked by the same wolf. She is able to escape the attack when another wolf shows up and she finds her grandparent’s neighbor’s house. Ten years ago Rayne had a brief sexual encounter with Nick. The attraction is still there. Will they be able to rekindle the spark? And what about Nick’s brothers? Rayne has heard they like to share.

Book Blurb for Loving Her Alphas

After a wolf attacks Rayne Adler near her grandfather's lodge, the Whitmore brothers nurse her back to health. Unaware they are wolf-shifters, she finds each appealing in a different way. But, she's not at Shady Pines Lodge for romance, nor would she ever choose between them. The successful businesswoman is there only to refurbish the grounds and bring tourism back to the area. Caleb, Nick, and Dalton are thrilled to finally have found their mate in spunky Rayne Adler and will use everything in their power to persuade her that she was made for them. All three of them.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2017 3.00