Long, Lean and Lethal

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Long, Lean and Lethal

The murders are adding up in Lincoln, NE and finding a common denominator has gotten a bit tough. When it’s finally found, the common bond is not what you would expect in NE! All of the victims were part of a group of swingers, also known as wife swappers. To learn who the killer is a couple is going to have to go undercover and join this group.
Detective Rain Huxtable works alone. She’s a member of the Lincoln police force as was her father. She’s good at her job but when a fourth spouse is killed, Rain’s superiors get help from the FBI. She’s paired up with Special Agent Noah Kayne to portray a married couple.
Noah Kayne comes from the Washington DC office. He’s just broke off his engagement. His finance asked if it would be alright to have sex with his best man. Noah doesn’t share what is his. Now, he’s expected to part of a couple involved in swinging. His boss isn’t sure that he can handle it. Noah’s sure that he’ll have no problems.
What happens when feelings start showing up as Rain and Noah act as a married couple? Can they keep their private lives and their professional lives separate? As they become part of the swinging group, how far will they have to go to learn is it one of them or someone who is targeting those involved in this lifestyle? Things heat up, in the bedroom and out, as Rain and Noah tract down their killer.
This suspense novel throws you into the heart of an investigation letting you really feel what the main characters are going through. Not only are they working hard but they are working hard at being professional as their feelings blend into their make believe life. As the investigation becomes intense and suspects appear, the sexual tension in the house takes on a life of its own. Will Rain keep pushing Noah away or will she finally act on her desires? Noah can’t hide what he feels for Rain but why is she so much different than his former finance?
The story is gripping, the characters real and the situations authentic. If you didn’t know that this was fiction, you could believe that this was a real story. There are no short cuts. The investigation is done with the detail required to achieve an arrest. The characters are not perfect and have their own quirks and personalities. There is no magic set up to start the investigation nor is there any perceived magic to find the killer. The swinging lifestyle was researched and presented without judgment. Clues are found, examined and analyzed bringing Rain, Noah and the reader closed to figuring out who the killer really is.
I found myself not wanting to put this book down. I enjoyed these characters. The crime that they were investigating was interesting and the world depicted was one that could be found almost anywhere. 
It appears that this is part of a series of books. If so, this is the second one in the series but I can’t see any place in this story that you would need to have read another book to make sense of it. This book felt complete and can definitely be read as a stand alone.
This book does include an alternative lifestyle. If reading about married couples having sex with partners outside of their marriage, this book may make you feel uncomfortable in places. Sex is discussed, described and encouraged throughout the story.

Book Blurb for Long, Lean and Lethal

From the award-winning author of Tall, Dark, and Deadly comes a tantalizing story of sex, scandal, and edge-of-your-seat suspense…



Detective Rain Huxtable works alone, and she likes it that way. But when a fourth spouse turns up dead in Lincoln, Nebraska, Rain’s superiors call in help from the FBI. They’ve either got a serial killer or a hired murderer on their hands, and their solution is to team Rain up with Special Agent Noah Kayne—and send them undercover as a married couple. 


Noah is infuriating…and infuriatingly attractive. Rain wants no part of this charade, but with four people dead under suspiciously similar circumstances in a matter of months, she has no choice but to play the part of a doting wife and investigate a close-knit group of suburban couples. It’s hard enough to keep up a professional facade when the heat between her and Noah burns so dangerously. But it may be even more dangerous for Rain to let her guard down once she realizes that the couples involved are playing a very sordid—and deadly—game …

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 4.75