Letting Jack Watch

Oh, Canada!

Jack Bucholski, Caitlin Cook, Jeremy Richter, Travis Eddelton, and Mike Cho along with Mike’s girlfriend, Kristy are all friends who like to hang out together and watch hockey. After all their all Canadians except Caitlin and hockey is one of their country’s main sports.

Caitlin is from New Jersey. She’s moved to western Canada for her job. For the past year she’s been dating Jeremy. They have a great relationship and Caitlin thinks she couldn’t be happier.

However, that all changes one night when Jack stays over. After everyone has gone to bed, Jack steps out onto the apartment’s balcony for some air. Without meaning to he looks into the window of Jeremy’s bedroom to see Caitlin giving Jeremy a blow job. Does it make him a pervert that it turns him on?

Feeling guilty, Jack confesses to Jeremy who is shocked when he’s not mad. In fact, he kind of likes the fact his best friend was watching. Jeremy is so turned on by this that he talks to Caitlin about letting Jack see more. Will she go along with it?

Not only does she goes along with it but soon it becomes a game as to how much can the trio get away with in public. Soon though, these close friends are going to have to make some decisions about their friendship and where this relationship is going.

Temptations are calling Jack’s name in several different directions. Not wanting to destroy his friendship with Jeremy or Jeremy’s relationship with Caitlin may mean a major move for Jack. Can this trio work things through?

For such a short story there is a lot packed into it. This story is less than 100 pages yet it feels like so much more as these friends work on their relationships and their sexual lives.

One of the great things about this story is it’s not about a one night stand or something that happens quickly. It’s about an evolving change. Jeremy and Caitlin have been together for over a year and no one wants to mess up that relationship. Jeremy and Jack have been best friends and partners on the police force for three years and they want to keep things solid. Because of all the close ties, they want to take things slowly with everyone agreeing before moving on to the next step. That slow evolving makes this story believable.

As they work through their sexual experiments, the quirky sense of humor and sense of fun that these characters have come out. They have fun with some public displays of affection, seeing how far they can go without anyone noticing. Not only is this titillating for the characters, it’s just as erotic for the reader. You may never look at crowded subway cars the same again.

One of the most unique elements is the large cast of characters. Jack, Jeremy and Caitlin’s story is done within the friendship of their group of friends. Frequently they are with them and interacting with them. This gives it a more real feeling as no one is really separate from their real lives while dating.

All of the characters are well thought out and are presented well. There is more to them than just a surface description. Jack has an ex-partner that he keeps in contact with. In fact, he keeps getting asked to move to Toronto! Caitlin is an editor and loves to correct her friend’s grammar but needs some Canadian sayings explained. Each character has a uniqueness making them very believable.

I really liked this story and didn’t want it to end. I liked the creativity of the public displays which really does have me wondering how much do I miss. I fell in love with Jack, Jeremy and Caitlin which left me hoping to read more about them. Even their friends were interesting and I want to know more about them.

From the first page to the last, I was glued to my kindle. There was no way I was putting this story down until I finished it. (Good thing I started reading it at home and not at work where they think I should work.) As this story progressed, I became more involved with it until I felt as if I were living it with the characters.

Absolutely awesome. Yeah, that sums it up. Now, to go see if I can find some other books by Katheryn Wallis.

Book Blurb for Letting Jack Watch

Edmonton cop Jack has one rule for dating—don’t get emotionally involved. A string of short-term flings leaves him dissatisfied, though, and he starts to envy his partner, Jeremy, who’s been dating curvy redhead Caitlin for a year.

Then Jack glimpses something forbidden—and realizes a glimpse is not enough.

For Caitlin and Jeremy, letting Jack watch began as an accident and became a game. But they soon realize the game has high stakes—and threatens to tear them apart forever.

Jeremy doesn’t want to lose his best friend, but what will he have to sacrifice to keep Jack around? Caitlin knows what she wants, but getting it might destroy everything. And Jack may have come second, but he won’t settle for second best. He started out just watching. Now he wants it all.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 5.00