Legal Tender

Lindy Walker is living at her grandmother’s farm. This wasn’t her plan but her grandmother’s plan. About a year ago, her beloved grandmother was driving her Mustang and had a fatal accident. The terms of her grandmother’s will read that Lindy had to live and work her grandmother’s farm for two years and get married within that same time frame or her obnoxious cousin, Jenna, would inherit everything. 
There were several problems with this situation. The first was Lindy’s grandmother wasn’t ready to leave this earth. Instead, she is hanging around advising Lindy on what to do and how to do it. No one else can hear her, just Lindy.  
As for finding a husband, Lindy had a couple of problems. She has never really dated as Jenna would always attract the boys away from Lindy and towards herself. Lindy was suppose to be traveling around Europe with a good male friend and had hoped that would develop into more but she’s stuck on the farm and he’s traveling by himself. Oh, he sends emails but it’s just not the same. She’s also dating a guy from the Agri store, Will. He’s nice and all but she’s not too sure that he’s the one either. Then, a new guy moved into the farm just down the road. He’s nice and she’s attracted to him but is Mike Forester the one? Lindy has three potential husbands but she’s not sure about any of them. Will any of them be willing to wait around while she’s figuring it out?
Jenna is also pressuring Lindy to make a deal with her. She thinks she deserves something, if not everything. Jenna doesn’t hold out any hope that Lindy will ever find a guy that will put up with her.
As Lindy works her two years on the farm, other things come up like maybe her grandmother’s accident wasn’t an accident. And when she’s asked to support community activities like her grandmother, can she do it while still trying to figure out what she’s doing?   When the apple trees get a threatening fungus on them, can she get them cured and not loose the apple crop?
This is a cute little book. Lindy’s grandmother makes Lindy’s life hard as she makes comments and gives advise while Lindy’s trying to talk to someone else. Her biggest interest is Lindy’s love life or lack of it. Nothing like your grandmother giving you love advice! Of course, with 3 men expressing interest, should she take that advice or try to figure it out on her own especially when one is inviting her on weekend trips away?
Lindy’s character is developed so you end up understanding her. This happens mostly through her interactions with her dead grandmother and her cousin, Jenna. There are other glimpses though by the way she treats the men in her life. The rest of the characters aren’t well developed. You get the basic feel for them but not much depth. Heck, one never even shows up in person but just by emails!
Still, everything that happens in the book is done well. The book revolves around the seasons. In the early summer, strawberries are ready and in the fall the apples. In between, flowers bloom with Lindy’s love life. Nothing is rushed which makes it enjoyable to watch the action unfold naturally. That doesn’t mean the book is slow or nothing is happening, just that everything develops in a natural sequence.
This is a great book to curl up with on a rainy/snowy day. It’s has humor, love, mystery and a happy ending for everyone.

Book Blurb for Legal Tender

"Lindy, the time for love is in the spring."

There was a time when Lindy would have believed those words. But now she's too busy running an apple orchard, juggling the romantic overtures of three handsome men and trying to solve the mystery of who's responsible for her grandmother's untimely demise. Because Granny Walker is determined to hang around and give Lindy bits of advice, like when the perfect time for romance is, with or without her body. Granny Walker was one feisty old lady--she's an even more interesting ghost!

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 3.25