Last Ascension

The Capes Book 3

This is the third book in this series that reminds readers that super heroes are human too, complete with problems, families and jobs. It is set several years after the last book but continues the story about three special brothers and their super human powers. Lael is the youngest and he has more issues that the other two. He’s also a rebel which is awesome. His character is unique and very complex. I really like him. Margot took me a bit to warm up to but she soon develops into an equally interesting character. The same evil organization that was in the prior stories is still alive and causing problems in this one. This ties the stories together even more. I found all of the stories creative and fun but especially liked this one. It felt as if there were more depth in the situations and the characters. The story came alive for me and I just really liked it.

Lael left the Guardians forever after he killed a girl and it seemed as if his older brothers would never trust him with more than babysitting duties. Even though he’s left the Guardians, that doesn’t mean that he has turned off his super human powers. When he hears a call for help, he has to respond. The person he finds, Margot, doesn’t remember much. And, she’s not willing to trust Lael. Can he find a way to help her? And, why doesn’t Margot remember anything?

Book Blurb for Last Ascension

Lael Hudson has had enough. He made a terrible mistake years earlier and has never been able to forgive himself. His brothers don’t trust him and life seems like a series of pointless encounters—one after another, all meaningless. Until he makes a decision—leave the Guardians forever. Start a new life, one of his own making.

Margot Fox woke up one day in a small apartment in a city she didn’t recognize without any memories at all. She has one piece of paper in her pocket warning her of danger. What is she to do? When the little money she does have runs out she has no choice but to seek help outside, which is when she runs smack into Lael Hudson.

Despite his decision to stay out of Guardian affairs, Lael can’t deny his super human powers make him want to protect the woman who is convinced she must have been abducted by aliens. Together, they will discover the truth is more heinous than either of them could have imagined and that they will have to face the truth of their pasts if they ever to have a future.

*Please note, this book has been previously published by a publisher that has closed. Everything remains the same, even the cover*

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2017 5.00