Laird Wolf

Takhini Shifters, #2

Laird Wolf was so much fun to read. Damon was hilarious as he tries to figure out why his wolf is hiding from him and how to deal with two obnoxious Highland Tigers. Addie is intriguing. She’s cautious and very work dedicated. Damon is ready to play with Addie but his Alpha wants to protect her too. What a clash and it’s totally fun. From start to finish, I was highly entertained and just couldn’t put this book down. While it is loosely related to other series, Takhini Wolves and Grant Lake Wolves, you don’t have to know those series or read any other book to thoroughly and completely love this one. It totally stands alone. However, get ready to become addicted to the humor and unexpected plot twists that are so typical of Ms Arend’s writing. This is definitely a book to read if you love fun paranormal romance.

Damon has been asked to help out his best friend’s wife’s best friend. As he is between jobs, he agrees and finds himself at a remote castle in Scotland. However, things are not going as planned when the airport doesn’t have the motorcycle he requested and the one they did have for him blows a back tire coming up the driveway putting Damon in a fish pond! Oh yeah, and his luggage got lost so he has no clothes. Addie, the best friend, greets him a bit more enthusiastically than anticipated. The attraction between them is there so why is Addie so standoffish? What? Wait? And, why is Damon’s wolf trying to hide? What is going on?

Book Blurb for Laird Wolf

From New York Times bestselling author Vivian Arend, a new story set in the Takhini Wolves/ Granite Lake Wolves world. These stand-alone stories are filled with humour and heart-felt adventures, and the sexy happily-ever-afters are sure to make you smile.

He’s a wolf in a kilt. That pretty much says it all…

Pulling off a rescue mission at a remote castle in Scotland should be an easy task for lone wolf Damon Black. He’ll flash some muscle, show a little Alpha power, and do whatever it takes to ease Addie MacShay’s fears. But the woman who throws herself into his arms and cries boyfriend is more intriguing than anticipated. The sexy she-wolf’s got more curves, more tantalizing scent, more of everything he desires.

Addie’s job cataloguing an estate at the Sterling-Wylde Manor is complicated by the ongoing discovery of new wills and the two creepy heirs who won’t leave her alone. But her fake boyfriend turns out to be a far greater threat—not only is he fun and flirtatious, he looks delicious in a kilt. She craves his touch, but with her empathic skills on overdrive, touch is the last thing she needs.

Damon’s fighting his unruly inner beast. Addie’s fighting their incredible sexual pull. They’ll both have to lower their guard to make this more than a Highland fling.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 5.00