Ladies Prefer Rogues

Four Novellas of Time-Travel Passion

Four great authors offer four great stories in this time traveling book.

First story is Janet Chapman’s Man from the Moon. Isobel is the local vet in her rural part of Maine. She has a habit of picking loser boyfriends who are more out for what they can get than what Isobel wants or needs. Coming out of a store she is threatened by a man and forced to drive out of town. He has mistaken her for a human doctor and suddenly Isobel finds herself surrounded by 4 good-looking guys, one with a branch stuck in his side and needing surgery. Unable to convince them to call an ambulance or go to the ER, Isobel ends up doing surgery on the injured man, Daniel. Due to how serious Daniel’s condition is, the men decide to take Isobel with them to tend to him while they continue their search for an animal that will be able to provide scientists a vaccine to save the human race.
That is scientists on the moon in the year 2243. Due to an extreme illness, humans on earth have been wiped out. The only remaining humans alive are a small colony on the moon. They must return to earth as their infrastructure is failing but they must have a vaccine against this disease first. 
Daniel wasn’t suppose to tell Isabel any of this but he couldn’t help himself. He feels an attraction towards her that he’d love to act on but can’t. Isabel wants Daniel in ways that she’s never wanted another man before. So, why shouldn’t they enjoy a few days before he has to return to his time? 
I absolutely loved this story. I wanted it to go on and on. The characters were fantastic and so likeable. A visit from the man in the moon and the search for a mystery animal made for a wonderful fantasy.
Sandra Hill’s Tomorrow is Another Day joins her wonderful SEAL characters and the mysterious atmosphere of New Orleans. Marguerite Baptiste, Margo, owns and operates a dating service for extreme singles. That is singles who do extreme sports or are members of elite forces in the military. It’s expensive but she doesn’t get complaints except for Navy Seal Larry Wilson. His friends put his info in the dating service which he didn’t want and doesn’t want. He wants the women to leave him alone! His beloved pregnant wife died and he still grieves for her. Margo understands and assures him that she’s doing everything she possibly can to correct the problem. On her way home for the day she takes the elevator which suddenly drops knocking her out.
Margo awakes to post Civil War New Orleans and to concerned people who are not only concerned about the bump on her head but about her scandalous clothing. She’s not sure what is going on but spying a familiar face in the crowd, she grabs Larry.
Laurent Duvall is not the Larry Margo thinks he is. He is an impoverished plantation owner who was in town trying for a loan to pay back taxes. He was turned down and has no idea where he’s going to come up with the money to save his home and support his sister and the few Black that have stayed. While Laurent may not be the Larry Margo thought him to be, she talks her way into returning with him to his home. Margo ends up bonding with his sister and coming up with to save the plantation even if she has to do it behind Laurent’s back.
Ms Hill never disappoints me and she didn’t this time either. Her characters are humorous and loveable. She stays within the time period she’s working in and makes it come alive. Though her most known time travel novels have to do with Vikings, she does New Orleans just as well. Now, I wonder what ever happened to Laurent’s sister….
A poor peat farmer falls in love with the Lord’s daughter in The Drowning Sea by Veronica Wolff. Set in 17th century Scotland, Iain MacNabb and Cassiopeia MacLeod, Cassie finds themselves attracted to each other. Cassie is the protected daughter of the local Lord and doesn’t know the ways of the world while Iain works hard gathering peat and fishing trying to keep food on the table. Though obviously from different stations in life, Iain and Cassie fall in love and agree to meet daily. Everything falls apart though when Cassie’s father marries her to another and Iain is accused of stealing from the Lord. Cassie ends up dead and Iain a pirate for twenty years. Their love never dies but will they have a happy ending?
I found this to be a bit of a strange story, not bad strange but different. For quite a while I was wondering where this story was even going. However, a surprise ending surprised me! Everything wasn’t as it seemed.
Finishing this book is Sixteen Decades by Trish Jenson. Sheriff Ty Coltraine is called to The Rooster Ranch, the local bordello. The madam says there is a missing person but won’t tell him who. Ty ends up finding someone locked in a shed but it’s not who he’s looking for! Margaret Prescott, Maggie was hit in the head and locked in a shed by the sheriff, Jesse Coltraine when she came to claim her father’s ranch, The Rooster. Of course, the year Maggie thinks it is is 1850, not 2010. With Ty looking almost exactly like his ancestor Jesse, it’s going to take some quick thinking to get Maggie to trust him. With help from friends and family Ty is able to do that but then he finds he’s got more than a professional interest in this beautiful woman from the past.
Talk about falling in love with an older woman! Ty had his work cut out for him but he does a great job in wooing Maggie. I enjoyed reading this story though it seems like there either was another story about Maggie’s mother or there could be one. Regardless, this was a great story.
Any one of these stories would make this book worth buying but with all of them being so excellent this book is should be an automatic buy. Each author gave a stellar same of their writing skill and introduced us to some awesome characters. None of the time travel was the same showcasing how unique and different the same topic cane be. I found myself intrigued by events and wanting stories to go on. Even some of the secondary characters in a couple of the stories screamed out for their own stories! (Hint: how about a sequel next year?)
As I already stated: Four great authors offer four great stories.

Book Blurb for Ladies Prefer Rogues

Four Novellas of Time-Travel Passion

Out of time, out of place, but stillsearching for true love

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 5.00