Ladies of the Lake

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Ladies of the Lake

Sisters Dahlia, Violet, Iris and Rose are grown though sometimes you wondered. Each has married, raised children and held responsible positions in the work world yet when they get together they almost always revert back to their youthful ways to interact with each other. Now, they are brought together when their grandmother, Cissy has died.
It’s not as if Cissy were your typical loving grandmother. In fact, she wasn’t exactly your normal mother. She was a prima ballerina and nothing got in her way. She had a child though she wasn’t married leaving her parents to raise it until 5 years old when she sent her to boarding school. Cissy took an interest in Dahlia, only because of her talent as a ballerina basically ignoring the other sisters. Cissy told everyone for years that she was leaving the family home on Lake Clare to the Buddhists and leaving nothing to her family which is why the girls are not in a rush to hear the reading of Cissy’s will.
It seems that Cissy changed her will a few weeks prior to her death but there are stipulations that the sisters must meet in order to inherit. They must stay at the Lake for 90 days. There is no TV and cell phones do not work there. If anyone of them leaves, they forfeit their portion of the estate. 
Dahlia has no choice. Her husband left her a couple of years prior after forging her signature on mortgage papers. Her beloved house is about to be foreclosed on! She is basically broke. Her sisters also have reasons to put their lives on hold for 90 days.
Can these grown women learn to live together without killing each other? Can they break roles that they have been filling since childhood? And can Dahlia open her heart to the bug guy? He’s cute, the right age and interesting but he’s the bug guy!
This is a wonderful story filled with love, laughter and a family who has to refine who they are. Things don’t go smoothly as each sister learns to deal with the quirks of the others and learns how to change their own behavior. Dahlia loves to use movie quotes in her daily language but with sisters that don’t watch many movies can she stop? Iris has been jealous of Dahlia their whole lives. Can she let go of these childish feelings? Rose does everything as green as she can, while Violet is practical.
Dahlia is the main sister that this story revolves around. She has lots of issues besides financial. She has all kinds of allergies, which drives a couple of her sisters nuts. She has a business that she loves but it’s not fulfilling its potential. But this summer her biggest issue is being attracted to the bug man, Clete Slocum. She doesn’t want or need a summer romance. She doesn’t want to start something at the lake when her life is back in Atlanta. Can Dahlia learn about love or will she continue to follow the legacy started by Cissy?
I found myself quickly involved with following these sisters as they fought, made-up and learned about each other, themselves and their family. The characters seemed like folks you would know and the descriptions of the area made it feel as if you were there. This book was more like visiting friends or family than reading about strangers.
This would be an excellent book to relax with. I could see myself lying in the sun at the beach or curled up on the sofa on a cold winter’s day. Either way, this book is a winner.

Book Blurb for Ladies of the Lake

Hardback Copy: Sisters Dahlia, Iris, Violet, and Rose—all with grown children of their own—have a complicated relationship, so when their grand - mother’s will requires them to spend the whole summer—without friends or family—“camping in” at her run-down lodge on re mote Lake Clare in order to inherit the valuable land, old rivalries and new understanding emerge, with plenty of laughs along the way. Desperate to save her Buckhead home from foreclosure after being left in the lurch, recent divorcee Dahlia must complete the summer and sell her share immediately. Practical, even-tempered Violet will be no problem, but Iris has been Dahlia’s nemesis since she learned to say, “no” to her big sister. And super-sweet, quirky Garage Sale Queen Rose is so “green” she’d test the patience of a saint. As tempers flare and old secrets are revealed, four grown women discover that the past is never truly buried.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 5.00