Laced with Desire

Laced with Desire gives you four choices to fulfill your sensual sexual desires and all of them are yummy good. Written by some of the best authors in this genre, you get a great taste of their writing style and some wonderful stories that will keep you warm on a cold winter’s night.

Jaci Burton starts the books off with No Strings Attached. Only a little over 100 pages, it gives the impression of being longer as the characters are done so well that you know you know them. Ella Hick’s met her husband at 17, got married at 18 and was a widow at 25. Wanting to continue her husband’s dream and wanting to keep her sanity, Ella immerses herself in the construction business that they had started. Five years later, Ella is well respected and thought of as an equal but Ella has an itch that needs to be scratched and she’s off to Hawaii to find a guy to take care of it. Competitor and friend, Clay Mansfield learns of her plans to go to Hawaii and can’t stop himself from making his own plans; just to watch out over her. He’s shocked to learn that her purpose in the trip is to get laid by a stranger. He offers to help her out, no strings attached only to find out that he wants those strings but how is he going to convince Ella especially once they return to Tulsa and their real lives.
The emotions in this story are intense. That’s not just in bed but Ella learning to let go of her first love and Clay finding out that he cares more for his friend’s wife than he thought. This is a wonderful love story that you can’t help but to love.
While Ms Burton’s heroine has had a loving relationship, the heroine in Jasmine Haynes’ La Petite Mort has not. Sophia is a forty-year-old former model who is currently a vice president of a cosmetics company. She is faced with an unknown growth in her uterus and the knowledge that she has no friends or family to see her through this extremely scary ordeal. Her work has always been her life and after a close friend burnt her with the tabloid years ago, she’s kept everyone at a distance. Unable to concentrate during a presentation and being called into the CEO Ford Connelly’s office, Sophia attempts to stay calm while asking for more time to gather facts and to ask for Monday off. Monday is the day that they will remove the growth. Ford is appalled that Sophia will be alone Monday and is determined that she will not spend the weekend worrying. What he proposes is fulfilling Sophia’s naughtiest fantasy. Can she let herself go after being so care for so many years? And what happens after the weekend?
Sophia’s fantasy is indeed naughty but Ford understands that anticipation is all part of foreplay. While the beginning of this story leads up to one very hot sexy night, the rest of the story shows the romance that Ford is capable of giving hoping to break into Sophia’s heart. This story is fairly short at only 80 or so pages but a lot can happen in a weekend.
Honor Bound by Joey W. Hill has to be my favorite story in this book. The research that was done shows and is greatly appreciated. This is the longest story at around 160 pages allowing the characters to be well-developed and secondary characters to be introduced. Guardsman Captain Peter Winston is enjoying one of his last free nights with his friends and co-workers at a high end BDSM club. He’s been called up for duty in Afghanistan. Sergeant Dana Esther Smith is visiting the same club while on R&R. She’s looking for a Dom that can take charge and take care of her. And as much as she needs that, she fights it all the way. She’s a strong woman with strong conviction. Dana is heading back to Iraq shortly. When Peter and Dana hook up it’s more than either expected or wanted. Though it’s only one night, Peter refuses to let Dana go and plans on getting back together with her in a year. A lot can happen in a year and not all of it good. Peter knows that Dana is the woman he wants forever but can he get her to give them a chance?
I think what struck me is how realistic this story felt. No, I’ve never been to a BDSM club but I have been in the Army and the mind drifting and then training kicking in automatically is perfect. Acknowledging that women are in fire fights and do get hurt. And better still, is how hard it is to recognize the help you need and making yourself get it. It truly is easier to just sit and do nothing. 
This story appears to be apart of a series about these friends. Hints of previous stories were worked into this one making me want to know them. Those characters that haven’t found their one, only leaves me room to make my own fantasies. Emotional, realistic and characters with flaws made this story unique and alone would make you want to buy this book.
Rounding out this book is Rhio’s Dancer by Denise Rossetti. Though it’s not quite 100 pages, Ms Rossetti puts her readers into another world and gives enough details so that you have a slight understanding of it. World building wasn’t the emphasis of this story though. The romance that develops between the Captain of the guard, Rhio and a slave dancer from anther country is. Rhio doesn’t necessarily trust the dancer who goes by Dancer. While her costumes don’t hide much, he’s sure that she is more than she’s letting known. Her master says she has some healing skills but he sees skills more like a warrior. Can he learn what is going on while protecting his queen and dealing with the intrigue found at the court?
While reading about Rhio giving Dancer lessons in lovemaking is hot and the story plays out well, I just couldn’t seem to get into this story. That is not to say that it was a bad story or an uninteresting one. There were touches of humor snuck in where you didn’t expect it. Dancer giving Rhio glimpses at her real self and not the persona she puts on as a slave was pure delight. This was a fantasy story mixed well with erotic romance.
I strongly recommend Laced with Desire. Any one of these stories would be worth the cost of the book. The authors do an outstanding job. Not one of these stories is like another in this book and they showcase their little nitch well. If you haven’t read these authors this is a great way to learn about their style. I know I found a new author in this group and enjoyed another that I frequently read. Besides I can’t think of a better way to spend a lazy day than to read about alpha males, hot sex and interesting places.

Book Blurb for Laced with Desire

What a hot foursome! The authors of Unlaced returns in an all-new anthology of stories about corsets, and un-corseted desires.

Rough hands rounding the curves of a soft warm body-caressing, stroking, edging her toward exquisite pleasure. Seduction is a cinch in these four sizzling stories from the hot authors of Unlaced. And that's not just talk. These women deliver...

Jaci Burton breaks the rule about mixing business with pleasure...Jasmine Haynes explores the lust of a former supermodel who needs to finally fulfill a no-holds-barred sexual fantasy...Joey W. Hill reveals the erotic bond between a master and the beautiful submissive who stole his heart...And Denise Rossetti goes beyond the limits of desire when she pairs a battle-scarred veteran of love and war with a woman who's just as fearless and twice as dangerous.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 5.00