Kotori's Sacrifice

1Night Stand

This interracial short story is part of the 1 Night Stand series. What is wonderful about 1 Night Stand stories is each story stands alone though this one does reference a previous story. As an added twist, the submissive in the BDSM story has set up this scene with the help of Madame Eve, which must mean it meets her approval but usually Madam Eve does the matching and sets up everything. Even though this story was different, the elements that keep me reading this unique series were still there. The emotions and depth of characters were not only present but perfect. You knew these two characters were wanting each other but until they worked out their problems, they were going to walk away from each other. I really enjoyed this story, the setting and the secondary characters, one of whom has me hoping that he gets his own story. Great addition to this series and well worth reading.

Sebo is wanting a submissive but all he can think about is Akira. Six months ago he removed his collar from her after she once again refused to do as he asked. She always promised to do better but never did. Finally, Sebo turned to 1 Night Stand to find him a submissive. What he doesn’t know is Akira has set this meeting up. Will she be able to gain Sebo’s trust?

Book Blurb for Kotori's Sacrifice

A Dominant who just couldn’t let go…

As an experienced Dom, Seba Havas, specializes in helping traumatized submissives find the release they need. He knows when a firm hand is needed or a gentle touch will work better, but nothing in his nearly fifteen years in the scene prepares him for Akira. Like a whirlwind, she turns his orderly life upside down with her refusal to submit. Still reeling from his failure with her six months later, he turns to 1Night Stand. Madame Eve’s suggestion? A trip to the Carnivore Club, the brand new BDSM themed Las Vegas Strip resort on a date to an elegant masquerade ball with a beautiful submissive.

A submissive who’s willing to sacrifice it all…

As the oldest daughter of the Ito clan, Akira has been responsible and self-controlled her entire life, up to the point it has caused her to lose the dominant she loves. Now she has one chance left to prove to Seba she can be what he needs. In true Vegas fashion, and with a little help from Madame Eve, she’s going to gamble it all on one night of dominance and submission. But will it be enough?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 4.00