Kiss of Steel

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Kiss of Steel

London Steampunk, #1

Upon finishing Kiss of Steal my first thoughts were, this was awesome, followed by I really, really liked this book. Now, the problem is how to express how much I thoroughly enjoyed this unique debut novel.

The first thing that really struck me was how unique this steampunk world was explored. There were definite differences between this mid-19th century world and the one we know. However, they were introduced in a way that made the differences normal and very much part of the world. It was if you were reading about the 19th century and the author mentions in passing the styles or customs of the time. It was the same with this book which gave it an authentic feel and a reality. Perfect blend between what was and what could have been.

However, the uniqueness doesn’t stop there! The characters are unlike any others that I’ve read about. At the top of the hierarchy in this world are the Blue Bloods, who are similar to vampires but aren’t. In fact, vampires are killed. So, though the Blue Bloods drink blood, have blood slaves and thralls, they are in fact not vampires yet. Of course, there are humans but there are also werewolves. This interesting blend of character types works, even if it sounds as if it shouldn’t. It not only works but it gives a spark of interest that isn’t usually found in steampunk.

Continuing on the same theme, the uniqueness of this story, the setting is not the typical upper class or even middle class setting. Instead, it is set in the slums of London. Gangs and poverty are constant threats. Yet, in this downtrodden area, there is hope and there is love.

Okay, I found myself unable to set this book down for any length of time. I was up reading until I couldn’t make out the words any longer. I had to finish it when I got up in the morning. I was hooked. I got so involved in this world, with these characters that they felt real. I had to know what was going to happen next. The twists and turns in the plot only drug me deeper into this conviction that I couldn’t put this book down.

Unique, spellbinding, thrilling and complex are only a few words that can describe this fantastic book. This has to be a must read from paranormal fans and steampunk fans alike. Even historical fans may like it if they enjoy urban fantasy books.

I wasn’t sure I would be able to like a book with so many various elements but they come together in such a way that you wonder why this isn’t done more often.

I have to highly recommend this book and wonder when the next in this new series will be out. I think I’ve found another auto buy author!

Book Blurb for Kiss of Steel

Honoria Todd has no choice. Only in the dreaded Whitechapel district can she escape the long reach of the Duke of Vickers. But seeking refuge there will put her straight into the hands of Blade, legendary master of the rookeries. No one would dare cross him, but what price would he demand to keep her safe?

Ever since Vickers infected him with the craving, Blade has been quicker, stronger, almost immortal—and terrified of losing control of the monster within. Honoria could be his perfect revenge against the duke…or the salvation he never dared to dream of.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 5.00