Keeping It Interesting

Jenny O’Connell is a DJ at the club her boyfriend, Mitch runs. She likes that he takes her work seriously and respects that aspect of her life. She loves that Mitch pushes her boundaries sexually and is more than willing to explore her fantasies. After a year together, she trusts him, which is good because some of her fantasies are a little risky. 

Mitch loves sharing Jenny’s fantasies though he hasn’t shared his. Right now, he’s getting off on hers and he’s scared once she knows his, he will lose her. Still, after a year he wants to expand their sexual boundaries but know that he’ll have to go slow. Yet Jenny seems willing to add people to their love life as long as their relationship stays as the primary one. 
As Mitch pushes Jenny way past where her Catholic schoolgirl upbringing says is permissible, he comes to realize that Jenny may be the one who will accept him and all his quirks. Can their love survive as they explore previously forbidden territory?
While this is a short story, it’s packed full of hot sex and titillating situations. While not into gangbangs, how many men will Jenny enjoy for Mitch and for herself? Things get hot and heavy when Mitch has them join a club that caters to more kinky tastes.
This story does have lots of sex scenes but it also has a firm relationship between two people. That core is not compromised as they explore their sexual fantasies as a couple. They add to their relationship keeping a firm belief that while expanding their comfort zones they will not destroy what they already have. 
Jenny and Mitch are wonderful characters.  Considering how short this story is, they have lots of depth.  They aren't all about the sex.  Jenny needs to be taken seriously at the club and wants people to respect her for the professional she is.  Mitch loves Jenny and doesn't want to do anything that would cause him to lose her yet has the need to have more kink in their sex lives than they are already having.  The balance between taking care of your partner's needs and taking care of your own plus accepting the differences between you makes Jenny and Mitch's relationship feel so real.
I enjoyed this hot yet lighthearted story. It’s short enough to read in a couple hours, if you can stand the heat! While most of us wouldn’t actually try these sexual exploits, they sure are fun reading about.

Book Blurb for Keeping It Interesting

Contemporary/ Ménage à Trois and Multiple Partners/ Light BDSM

If you could have every fantasy, would you do it? Would you do whatever your boyfriend wanted? 
Facing their one year anniversary, DJ Jenny and club owner Mitch aren't your normal couple. They live in the LA club scene, but even their naughty fantasies would raise the eyebrows of the clientele. Their own limits are pushed when they confess their desires and make it happen. 
Can they embrace each others' without ruining the love? From abduction to the bad school girl, they'll try them all!

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 4.75