Just Like Me, Climbing a Tree

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Just Like Me, Climbing a Tree

Exploring Trees Around the World

Do children in places like China, Mexico, Israel and Australia climb the same trees as children in the USA? Of course not but they do climb trees. This easy to read book explores why some children climb trees as it takes you around the world showing you various trees such as a Mango in Guinea and a Weeping Fig in Cambodia. The pictures are fairly realistic and real depictions of their branches and the names of the tree are on each page. Not only will children enjoy reading this fun story but they might actually learn something too! More information about each tree is found in the back of the book. Plus, there is a list of things to remember before climbing a tree, like ask an adult. This book would be easily adaptable for a classroom but it’s just as much fun to just read it. Besides learning about trees, children will learn that kids are kids no matter where they are and everyone can enjoy the same thing. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to sharing it with my grandkids.

Book Blurb for Just Like Me, Climbing a Tree

If you were climbing a tree, just what might you see? Birds or animals or insects? Would you swing like a monkey? Or pick the ripest fruit straight from the branch? Join award-winning author and illustrator, Durga Yael Bernhard, on a trip around the world to climb its weirdest and most wonderful trees. No matter if you are in Africa, Asia, Europe, or America, there is a grand adventure waiting for you—provided you have a tree to climb in your neighborhood!

Just Like Me, Climbing a Tree explores 12 of the most distinctive trees from across the globe, and includes educational notes about each of the trees to help answer questions that curious young minds might have.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 4.50