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Just Desserts

What happens when an aging rocker, Tommy Stiles, is getting ready to marry his young supermodel girlfriend, Willow, and during the prenuptial agreement finds out his has a 38 year old daughter? And this daughter, Hayley Goldstein has no idea who her father is; in fact, she thinks she is the product of a test tube pregnancy.

His lawyer, fellow band member and son of his deceased best friend Finn Rafferty is meeting with Willow's lawyer when by fluke a birth certificate shows up naming Tommy Stiles as the father of a baby girl born. Two weeks later this birth certificate is changed to father unknown, so is Tommy the dad or not?

Strangely, Tommy Stiles is not your typical rocker. He loves and cares for all his kids.all 7 of them. He takes part in their lives and wants them around. He actually still gets along with his ex-wives. Tommy has a heart that is big enough to love them all and he is exited to find another child. Finn, being a typical lawyer, isn't quite so fast to accept that Hayley is really Tommy's daughter. Hayley had no idea that any of this is going on. She's busy with her own life. Hayley is divorced and the mother of one extremely smart 14 year old daughter, Lizzie. Her ex is known for not hanging out with the best people and it wasn't unusual to have people how up looking for money. Hayley's thrilled that he is gone. To support herself and Lizzie, Hayley owns a bakery. It used to be her former father-in-law's but when he died, he gave Hayley 60% of the business. She is making her mark with her specialty cakes.

In order to check out Hayley, Finn decides to drive down to her bakery and order a special cake for an after party for a charity concert that Tommy is putting on. It seems simple enough but what really happens changes everyone's lives forever!

This was an interesting book. The basic story is a fun thought to start with. After all, who wouldn't want to find out that a parent is a rich rock star? Of course, what would follow is all the media and after math of that discovery. But what if you also get a bunch of family like younger siblings? And what if your ex is contacting your daughter for money? And what if your mother decides to come home unexpectedly with a new man? Yes, there is a lot more going on than a simple father/daughter story.

The characters are very well developed. You can understand Hayley not wanting to do anything to upset Lizzie's world. After all, what single mother doesn't worry about introducing a man into their child's life? What if it doesn't work out? Finn doesn't want to get involved with his employer's daughter. What kind of mess could that create? Tommy just wants to have a relationship with this new daughter but how to break the news to her without a lot of media fallout.

I also liked that even though the main characters were part of a rock band, you didn't get stereotypes. The drummer, Anton, has been caught reading romance novels in the back of the band's bus. Anton is also in marriage counseling with his wife of many years trying to save his marriage. His dream is to open a restaurant when the band finally retires. Tommy, while enjoying being and living as a rocker, will always put his family first. When his teenage sons get in trouble, he doesn't just send someone to take care of it, he goes to the police station himself and when they return home, his sons know that they are being punished as their dad leads them into his study. Finn summed it up best as the media circus started by just give them a few days and they will find something else to lead with. This band is well grounded in values and real life, not partying and dreams.

Even secondary characters were given depth. Readers learn why Jane Maitland changed her daughter's birth certificate to father unknown. Jane's motives for doing things are explained including why she decided to come home early. Tommy's mother even makes an appearance and you almost have to la

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