Jess's Story

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Jess's Story

Backyard Witch, #2

This may be the second book in this wacky witch series but as this book is independent from the first, start reading! Ms. M is the witch and she’s not like any other witch you may have met. She’s able to work in healthy eating and fun while teaching things like good nutrition. Jess and her friends feel very grown up and past the babysitter stage but Ms. M doesn’t make it so bad. Short chapters with lots of action will keep readers attention. Children will be able to relate to Jess’s aversion of eating food she isn’t sure of! I really enjoyed reading this book. It was entertaining. It also will teach children about cooking and gardening without being pushy or talking down to them. It’s almost like a modern Mary Poppins!

Jess’s mom is a chef but Jess doesn’t appreciate all of her fancy foods. Jess prefers peanut butter sandwiches to sauces. When Jess’s mom wins a week with a famous chef and Jess’s normal babysitter isn’t available, Ms. M mysteriously shows up to save the day. Ms. M is a witch who can save the day and maybe change Jess’s mind about trying new foods!

Book Blurb for Jess's Story

The second book of the Backyard Witch series, by acclaimed authors Christine Heppermann and Ron Koertge, starring Ms. M, the witch who the Horn Book calls “a combination of Mary Poppins and a stand-up comedian.” A must-have for newly independent readers and fans of Ivy + Bean, Clementine, and the Food Network!

Jess is a superstar on the field and on the court. Soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis—you name it, she loves it. But she’s a disaster in the kitchen, much to the dismay of her chef mother. When Jess’s mom gets a chance to work in a famous kitchen for a week, Jess and her friends, Sadie and Maya, try to help out by making dinner. And . . . let’s just say that it goes up in flames. Enter Ms. M, the mysterious witch who appears right when you need her! Ms. M is a heroine to rival Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle and Ms. Frizzle. She doesn’t save the day herself, but she helps everyone save it for themselves.

Short chapters filled with illustrator Deborah Marcero’s striking, lively black-and-white illustrations make the Backyard Witch series a must-have for young middle grade readers. Includes a recipe and information about cooking and gardening.

Age Range: 8 - 12 years / Grade Level: 3 - 7

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2016 5.00