Jake and Sofia

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Jake and Sofia

Jake Smith Ranch Series, Book 2 - Stand-Alone

Jake is a 40-year-old cowboy who has suffered a traumatic injury while saving a friend’s life. Jake had a major head injury which now causes seizures and lost his tongue. He spent months in the hospital before being released to his ranch in Montana. He now has to relearn how to do things as basic as communicate with his friends and family and adjust to not having the life he had before.
To help him during this time is his twin sister, Jade. Jade and her significant live with Jake and are there to support and help him any way that they can.  
Sofia is the woman in Jake’s life. She met him after the accident but still wants him. This amazes Jake and he’s thankful to have found her.
I started this book with high expectations and hope. I wanted to read a story that inspired me and gave hope to those that are facing these problems. I wanted so much to love this book and highly recommend it as the earnings from this book will be going to charity. What I wanted and want I got did not match.
In the first chapter, instead of being introduced to Jake and his problems, the reader is tossed from present to past and then to a different time in the past and finally back to the present without ever getting a good grasp on what the author was even talking about much less what they wanted to express. I was confused but willing to read on for the story I knew was in this book some place.
I had glimpses of this story. Unfortunately, they didn’t stay long enough to keep my interest. I’d think finally the story is coming in a manner I can understand and then I lost it again. The transitions from Jake thinking what he wanted to express, the way he expressed or didn’t express his thoughts and the interactions with the other characters were not done smoothly. These always seemed choppy and hard to follow. While I understand that Jake had limited ways to express himself, the author didn’t present this in a way to help the reader follow the progress or lack of progress or even how he was learning to do this. I wanted to understand Jake’s frustration at his limitations but instead I joined him being frustrated.
The writing style was so full of idioms that I was getting lost trying to translate into proper English. I have no idea what some of them are and had to guess which give me the thought that maybe I was missing something. I have no idea what a got-loose-hound-fix is but Jake needed one while he was hankering to drive his beloved truck. With things like that thrown into the story, I could only read a chapter at a time so that I could try to figure out what I had actually read and did it even make sense. This makes for a slow going story and not for an enjoyable experience.
If you have a family member or friend who is going through a similar situation, you might want to take the time and effort to wade through this book for gems of hope and help. If you don’t and like me wanted a story that basically put itself out there for you to find and think about, find another book.

Book Blurb for Jake and Sofia

SECOND NOVEL----SEQUEL TO "JAKE ('I'm thinkin...') - This sequel "re-visits" so the story can STAND ALONE, for those that have not read JAKE. It then progresses into Jake's string of situations that test the strength of his self-esteem, towards sharing his life with a sweetheart. Head injury, seizures and tongue-loss don't always make a man feel in tip-top shape, put he presses-on. His wedding day becomes twice as hard, because of his hero-heart as he saves a man's life, but, oddly lays his wedding on the line. Harder still, never would he have dreamed, as to the wild out-come of his honeymoon, or his one last wound.
A romance unlike any other.  A different kind of hero and willing to hang-in-there for a prize he never thought he see.  The prize being a gal "birthed for such a time as this."  *Author note: not very erotic, but highly moving, and very deep in the joining of two lives--plus, insight into a whole other way of life.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 1.75