Jaguar Moon

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Jaguar Moon

Olivia Merrick, Livvie, knows the only reason that she’s on her school’s welcoming committee is revenge. Just about the entire school thinks she can put jinxes on them just because she tried to tell the star quarterback that he was going to break his leg. The only person who hangs out with her is her best friend, Gilliam Logan. Her mom is a metaphysician with a new age shop in their rural town. People think she’s a witch. Her father is a parapsychologist and teaches at the local college. He also has a team that goes around trying to document paranormal activity. Livvie’s gone with him a few times but stopped when she actually saw a ghost!
Alejandro Sawyer, Alex, is a new student. Because the male member of the senior welcoming committee was sick, Livvie gets to show him around. Alex isn’t exactly thrilled to be there but he’s making an effort. He does however want to know Livvie better even after she warns him away. Hanging out with her is a social killer.
Alex’s family is originally from this area and his mother has bought an old house from his great aunt. Along with the house came a story of a family curse. When Alex discovers that this curse is real, the only person he can turn to is Livvie! Can she help him find a cure before someone gets hurt?
This was a fun story with lots going on. Besides, Alex and Livvie’s developing relationship, there is a crazy tenant living at Alex’s aunt’s house. He gives Alex the creeps but is there anything he can do? Livvie is forced to look at her special talents in a new light. Will she be able to embrace them? Voices from the past have the solution for the future but is anyone listening?
I found myself enjoying reading about Livvie and Alex’s adventure. While this book is written for young adults, it is not written down or simplistic. The characters, situations and actions are complex and detailed. With very few changes, this story could be written for adults!
The characters are well developed. Livvie and Alex are teenagers and their world is one of most teens; school, work and families. All these factors work into giving you a unique view of the main characters. Normal teenage insecurities are there along with the growing maturity and accepting responsibilities. Livvie and Alex seem like any teenagers that you would meet.
The strangeness that happens to Alex and the powers that Livvie have are presented as believable as possible. They don’t know everything but know who to go to for help. Reactions to situations come across as natural as Livvie and Alex work on breaking the curse. Believing in the unbelievable is helpful too. Between ghosts, werewolves, and snobby teens Livvie and Alex seem to go from one incident to another.
I think young adults would enjoy this excellent paranormal and so could older adults. It’s fast paced and interesting with a twist that no one expects!

Book Blurb for Jaguar Moon

Livvie Merrick hates the psychic gifts that make her different and cause nothing but trouble in her life. That's especially true when she has a vision that the school's star quarterback will break his leg. Naturally Livvie warns him--a warning misconstrued as a curse when it comes true. That makes for a lonely senior year until Alex Sawyer moves to town. Livvie is quickly lost in his big blue eyes. And though it's clear that Alex is as attracted to her, she knows the day will come when he finds out what a freak she really is. What neither of them knows is that Alex is different, too, and the psychic gifts Livvie despises may be exactly what she needs to save him.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 4.50