Incessant Passions, #1

The overwhelming life of a resort manager comes to a head with faulty plumbing, a cut budget and a sexy man looking for a maintenance position. Though Jenny wants to crash and burn, she can’t. After 5 years of working for this resort, she has a vest interest in it and if it means that she’s wearing more hats than she can handle, so be it. She needs a maintenance worker and when Beck shows up applying, she’d love to hire him except she just got off the phone with her boss who has cut her budget yet again. That doesn’t stop Beck from helping out against Jenny’s wishes, not does it stop him from making a play for her. Beck has more on his mind that just seducing Jenny and doing some work around the resort. But when Jenny learns about his secret, he may find himself on the next boat off the island!

This story is fun and sweet and thoroughly enjoyable. It’s also very realistic in this era of cutting corners to increase the profit margin. But, while business is the intro, the romance is what keeps this story alive. Clashing views and the desire to please come together giving a wonderful story. I really liked this short story which was perfect in length and content.

Book Blurb for Impetuous

The Callaway Corporation recently bought the high-end resort property Jenny Jacobson manages. In that time, they have micromanaged both her and it into the ground. With no budget for repairs, she does most of the work herself. She proves to be pretty handy with most of the daily mishaps, until she meets the mysterious drifter Thomas Beck.

In the middle of a plumbing emergency, Beck comes to her rescue and fixes the problem, saving her from further disaster and costly repairs. Despite her best attempts, she cannot seem to get away from this man who shows up at every turn.

Regardless of her cold treatment toward him, he turns on his charms. Will his cocky arrogance mixed with his sexy smile break down her tough exterior? If so, what secrets is Beck keeping that could ultimately ruin any chance they have to find happiness together?

Note: This book was previously published with another publisher and has been extensively revised and expanded.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.00