Illegal Woman

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Illegal Woman

A Gypsy Love Story

In an era when many books are focused on the “young adult”, this was a refreshing change as most baby boomers will relate to this story much better than a younger person. This story takes you back in time to when the Vietnam war was just ramping up and WWII veterans were just past their prime. It was like reliving a time where things were changing and seeing it through the eyes of an American in a foreign land. Fun and interesting, unique and special, Kelly has dreams and Kalina has the means to show him a life style that he would have normally never experienced. Along the way, Kelly begins to fall in love while Kalina is learning how to take care of the people she loves. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing France through Kelly’s eyes and experiencing 1965. (I was around then but only in elementary school.) Head back to the '60's and enjoy a different time and world.

Kelly has come to Europe to write. He wants to write a book but to keep money in his pocket, he is writing articles for several newspapers back in the states. While at the French Riviera, he receives no checks and hopes that have been sent to Paris, 600 miles away. With only $30 in his pocket, Kelly starts walking hoping to hitch a ride or two. Outside a campground, he attracts the eye of a beautiful gypsy girl, Kalina who offers to give Kelly a ride into Paris on the back of her motorcycle. But, the adventure doesn’t stop there as Kalina invites Kelly to travel along with her and to learn how to be a gypsy!

Book Blurb for Illegal Woman

To read Illegal Woman is to straddle a vintage motorcycle behind a gorgeous young Gypsy woman and ride like hell through France in freewheeling 1965. It is a coming of age nostalgic trip that captures the excitement of empty-pocket, youthful travel. Circumstances force our suddenly broke writer, Kelly, to hitchhike from the French Riviera to Paris, where he hopes publishers' checks await him at the American Express office. Six hundred miles and only a thumb, a pair of Keds and $30 to get him there. On the way Kelly catches the eye of a beautiful Gypsy, Kalina, who teaches him to travel by his wits alone. To be Gypsy. This is a spicy romp told with energy, passion and humor. The reader will enjoy a riveting ride through Gypsy camps, Gypsy culture, French history and American folk music. Hop on the bike with Kalina and Kelly and venture into the life of the Rom at your own risk. You won't want the ride to end.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 4.00