Illegal Motion

Boys of Fall, #6

I was definitely looking forward to this story as I really like Carter in the previous books in this series. While I still really like him, this book is definitely not my favorite of the series. The first part of this story drags as Carter and Lacey deal with Garrett’s death. While this is something that needed to be dealt with, it went on a bit too long. Anyway, once that is done, the story does pick up and become much lighter hearted. Humor will push it’s way through throughout the story, even in the beginning. Carter’s father is definitely an interesting character who brings an added dimension to Carter and the story. Regrets are dealt with as Lacey and Carter learn to redefine their relationship. Lacey is on a mission which may involve arresting scenes. Watch out Carter!

Lacy and Carter have known each other for a couple of years and have enjoyed hanging out together, even though Lacy was Carter’s best friend, Garrett’s girlfriend. Carter has stayed away from Lacy ever since Garrett invited Carter to join him and Lacy for a ménage. Now, Garrett is dead and Carter still hasn’t contacted Lacy. Well, Lacy has had enough and she’s going after the man she wants. Can they make the transition from friends to lovers without Garrett?

Book Blurb for Illegal Motion

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Carter Shaw isn’t a man anyone would mistake for a good guy. He’s has always been intense, up for anything and fearless —on the football field, when wearing his badge and in the bedroom.

But pleasure is never mixed up with love. His unstable upbringing was more than enough to scare him off commitments for good.

Until he meets Lacey Andrews.

A true do-gooder, heart and soul, Lacey is the only woman to ever make Carter wish he was a better man.

It’s probably a good thing his best friend fell in love with her first.

Even when Garrett is shot and dies in the line of duty, Carter knows he can’t give her everything she wants and needs. Until she shows up on his doorstep in nothing but a trench coat and pink lingerie. Now there may be a few things he can offer...

Losing her fiancé has only proven how short life is and Lacey doesn’t want to miss another moment of happiness. Carter might have turned down the chance at the long term threesome she and Garrett wanted, but she knows he hasn’t forgotten the deep friendship or the one hot night the three of them shared. Carter is the only one who can make her feel alive again. And while her heart will always hold Garrett’s memory, Lacey is ready to prove Carter will never have to share her…even with the ghost of another.

This book is a part of the Boys of Fall series, written by Erin Nicholas, Mari Carr and Cari Quinn.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 4.00