I Want to Hold Your Hand

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I Want to Hold Your Hand

A Green Mountain Romance, #2

Enter into a world of a large caring family and a small town that cares about it’s own. However, be warned that war touches even those that love and the effects are long reaching. This is an amazing story of how a war widow learns to love again. The reactions of those around her are outstanding; from support to outbursts. Better still, the way Hannah doesn’t want to forget her husband will have your heart breaking for her. I can’t say how much this story touched me and how much I thoroughly and completely enjoyed it. I’ve always enjoyed reading Marie Force but some how missed this series. This is the second book in it and I immediately went looking for the first. Yes, it’s that good. It’s a roller coaster ride of emotions that kept me glued to the pages as I read until I couldn’t any more. It’s a story that will stay with me for a while. Love is the theme of this story in many different ways; love of family, love between spouses, love between friends, love of a pet and love of self. Because love really does make the world go round but don’t wait around to read this story!

Hannah has been a widow for seven years. For the first time she’s beginning to think of moving on, of starting again. Of course, that kiss from Nolan might have had something to do with these new thoughts. Yet, in the back of her mind, Hannah feels as though she’s betraying her husband. Nolan has waited for Hannah for years. He was good friends with her husband and he never thought of her as anything more than a friend until well after Caleb died. He’s willing to be patient because Hannah is worth it. But, is Nolan worthy of Hannah? He has secrets that tells him he’s not.

Book Blurb for I Want to Hold Your Hand

For the Abbott siblings, the Green Mountain state has always been an idyllic place to call home. But it isn’t until they open themselves up to love that they’ll truly discover how fulfilling life can be?

Almost seven years after losing her husband in Iraq, Hannah Abbott Guthrie isn’t sure she’s ready?or able?to move on, but the attentions of a lifelong friend are making her think about it for the first time. The memory of the sweet kiss she shared with Nolan Roberts hasn’t strayed far from her thoughts, but she also fears that pursuing something with him would mean betraying her husband’s memory.

Nolan has loved Hannah for years, but he’d been giving her the space she needed to heal from her devastating loss. Now, when an opportunity arises to show her how he feels, Nolan can’t resist, but he knows earning her love will take more than a kiss. Somehow he has to prove to Hannah that finding love twice in a lifetime is possible?and well worth risking her heart.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 5.00