Hunting Witch Hazel

Book 1 in the Lynch Brothers Series

"Hunting Witch Hazel" is based in a slightly different world with rules that are unique. Witches can sell off parts of their magic. Witch hunters can steal it basically killing the witch. And, there are those that deal in black magic which can be addicting. As the world became cleared to me, I became more intrigued. It’s an interesting place. The characters were good. Hazel is the better of the two main characters though Grayson isn’t bad. I would have loved a bit more depth in each of them but they were not flat. This is the first book in a series and I can see how a series can evolve from this book. The ending really has me wanting more books! I found this to be a fun story that was interesting enough to keep my attention.

Grayson is on a mission that he’s not too happy about. He’s no longer a hunter and doesn’t want to be one but to save his little brother he has to hunt. Hazel isn’t what he expected though and he’s discovering that the more he learns about her, the less he wants to hurt her. Hazel is a witch with a problem. Her mother has an addiction and Hazel has to pay. She’s running out of magic to sell and isn’t sure if she can make the payments she needs to. That’s why she has to get away from Grayson but he doesn’t seem to leave. What’s a girl to do?

Book Blurb for Hunting Witch Hazel


I was happy with my West Coast life - 24-hour pizza delivery and bikini-clad bodies as far as the eye could see. Now I'm in the small-ass town of Hayvenwood to extract a ransom to save my little brother's life. And that ransom is locked inside of the sexiest witch I have ever met, Hazel Evanora.

I need her powers, and I have less than a week to steal them.


I can't let a human get close to me. I can't risk having any more blood on my hands, no matter how magical it feels when Grayson is near me. Did I just really use the word magical? Clearly, I've been selling off my brain along with my powers. But the suffocating bills from my mother's addiction rest on my shoulders. And if I'm late again, they'll come after everyone I care about.

Including Grayson.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2018 3.50