Hunks, Hammers, and Happily Ever Afters

Absolutely awesome anthology. This book is a definite must read for any romance lover. Each story is different and reflects it’s author. And the stories range from kind of sweet but very sexy to menage. Usually there is one story in an anthology that just isn’t up to the standards of the rest but not in this one. Each kept my interest and I loved the characters. In fact, I just couldn’t put this book down. Forget those millionaire, prior military cowboys and get ready to enjoy some down to earth blue collar workers. From elevator mechanics to construction workers, each is a regular guy with a regular job. But, don’t forget the women. Most of them have just as blue collar jobs and do a great job at them. I can’t say enough good things about this book because I can’t find anything wrong! There is terrific emotion pulls with each story which will have you glued to the page. This anthology is perfect.

Cari Quiin’s Knockout starts this book off. It’s a menage and it’s hot. The men are a MMA fighter and a contractor. The woman is a receptionist with a cop for a dad. It’s part of a series but jump in. The story stands alone. This story is followed by Hot Summer Nights by Cathy Clamp. What happens when two people inherit a motel? One is the motel handyman and the other the granddaughter of the previous owner. Their visions are different but their attraction to each other sizzles. Anna J. Stewart takes you into her Lantano Valley with Marked for Love. Regan Murphy has her hands full trying to raise her 6 younger siblings and running a popular pub. Brodie Crawford is a single dad starting a tattoo shop. Neither wants a relationship but both are drawn to each other. Can it lead anywhere except to a hot mess? Knotty Magic by Jodi Redford is definitely magical. There is more going on in the world than what is easily seen. Unseen forces will help this unlikely couple learn that some things are magic. A woman supervisor in construction? Most definitely in Against the Wall by Amie Stuart. A sexy foreman and a sexist manager make this story come alive. Jobs will be on the line by the end but love will be in the works too. Leah Braemel brings readers another menage with her Unashamed. The men have been best friends since high school and now own a company together. The woman hires them to do the construction on the houses she flips. Both men want her but will she agree to share? The last story in this book is Chudney Thomas’s Love in an Elevator. What happens when an elevator repairman keeps getting called to the same building? You’ll find out with this hot sexy story.

Book Blurb for Hunks, Hammers, and Happily Ever Afters

An anthology of novellas about hunky blue collar, hammer wielding heroes and the women who tame them. Stories are by USA Today Bestselling Authors Cari Quinn Cathy Clamp, Anna J. Stewart, and featuring authors Jodi Redford, Amie Stuart, Leah Braemel, and Chudney Thomas.

Get down and dirty with this sexy blue collar bundle featuring seven original contemporary romance novellas that range from sweet to sizzling.

*Note: This anthology contains approximately 200K words (550 pages) for your reading pleasure.*

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2015 5.00