How to Wrangle a Cowboy

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How to Wrangle a Cowboy

Cowboys of Decker Ranch, #3

This story is awesome. It explores families, love and puppy mills. Families are not all the same and every child is not raised the same. Experiences had as a child help make decisions, right and wrong, as adults. These differences come alive as Lindsey and Shane figure out their relationship. Lindsey is sure her grandparents had a love that was impossible to break so who is the man who looks exactly like her grandfather? Shane grew up in foster care and is a single parent. He never wants his son to be hurt like he was. But, does he go too far? But this story isn’t just about them. It’s about their families and friends. It’s about a small boy wanting an impractical dog on a ranch. It’s about appearances not always being a reflection of what reality is. And, it’s about greed. Boy, with all that wrapped into this story, it’s hard to believe that it’s basically a romance. This story is multi-faceted and complex. It is also part of a series but it’s not necessary to read the previous books to enjoy this one. The characters come alive and become real people with real problems. I absolutely loved it. While many serious issues were explored, this book does not become dark. There is always hope and promise. And, you might even find a bit of childish fun…….like playing on a rope swing. This is an awesome romance.

Lindsey is home to bury her grandfather. She can’t believe he died before she came back to apologize and ask his forgiveness. He was right about her ex. There are other things she didn’t expect too like her grandmother needing care and her attraction to the ranch foreman. Shane is trying to figure out how to be a single father and nothing and no one is more important to him than his son. His ex took off with their son when he was a baby and now that the child is in the way dropped him off. Shane is thrilled to have the 6 year old in his life. However, he also feels an attraction to Lindsey. There is no way he’s going to have Lindsey break his son’s heart but can he stay away from her?

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"Kennedy is making a name for herself in the field of Contemporary Western Romances, taking her place beside Linda Lael Miller and Carolyn Brown." -Booklist for Cowboy Crazy

The last thing this cowboy expected

Inner-city veterinarian Lindsey Ward always loved visiting her grandfather's Wyoming ranch, so it breaks her heart to have to sell it. She'll miss the scent of hay and sagebrush under the wide-open sky, but at least the sale will help fund the clinic she's always dreamed of.

Was to get roped by a city girl

Ruggedly handsome foreman Shane Lockhart and his adorable son aren't making it any easier for Lindsey to focus on what has to be done. It's exhilarating going toe to toe with a rough, tough cowboy whose stubborn idealism matches her own, but it's Shane's tenderness that might tip Lindsey's heart over the fence.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 5.00