How to Knit a Love Song

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How to Knit a Love Song

A Cypress Hollow Yarn

Abigail is off to see her inheritance from her good friend, Eliza Carpenter. They became friends through knitting and became very close though many years separated them. Abigail’s inheritance is a couple of hours out of San Diego and is in a fairly rural region of California. Still, she’s excited and has sold everything in San Diego to start over. It’s easy for her to do that as she writes knitting books, which is an easy job to move around. What she doesn’t know is the cottage she’s inherited is located in the middle of a working ranch and the rancher that inherited that doesn’t want Abigail anywhere around it.
Cade is Eliza’s nephew. She took over running her ranch about 10 years before she died. They were extremely close even though Eliza didn’t like Cade’s catting around. Cade doesn’t really care as he’s not ready to settle down and as long as he’s working hard on the ranch, he feels he should be able to play hard too. What he doesn’t want is some stranger living in the middle of his ranch! How could his beloved aunt do this to him?
Both agree that the cottage is currently uninhabitable. For years Eliza has been making twice yearly trips to the ranch and has been dropping off boxes and bags into the cottage. As far as Cade can tell it’s nothing but junk. When Abigail actually looks through a few of the boxes, she discovers that Eliza has given her what she needs to follow her dream; a dream of operating a yarn shop and offering workshops. If Cade didn’t want her even living on the ranch, how is he going to take her opening a shop? And while the cottage isn’t livable, will Cade be a gentleman and offer Abigail one of his spare bedroom or will he hope that the daunting task of getting the cottage ready will send her on her way?
The characters come alive in this book. Cade is the perfect rancher. Nothing is more important than his animals and livelihood. His friends and fellow ranchers give fantastic closed mind opinions; if Cade allows a shop on his land, next there will be strip malls and all kinds of big city things going on. Abigail is not sure what she’s doing but she’s taking a chance that Eliza knew what she was doing. Her faith in following her dream while trying to stay out of Cade’s way has you rooting for her. Abigail isn’t alone as she also has a friend in the small town near the ranch as well as all of the fans of her and Eliza’s books. All of these characters set up some wonderful situations that come across as possible.
What a knitter sees and what a rancher see may be two very different things. When a local rancher wants to get rid of a couple of alpacas, he sees a gullible new comer in Abigail. When Abigail sees the alpacas, she sees a longed for fiber on the hoof. With ranchers and knitters seeing things so differently, can they find a middle ground before a war breaks out?
Though Cade and Abigail are trying to live separate lives in the same space, no matter how hard they try to ignore each other, they are drawn to each other. Cade swears up and down that he won’t help Abigail and wants her gone. Abigail makes sure that the schedule that Cade set up keeps her away from him. Over flowing bathtubs, a bat in the cottage and a few other incidents throw them together regardless of their intentions.
I found this book to be charming. You knew right from the beginning that there was to be a happily ever after thanks to a match maker from the grave but the journey to the end was full of twists, turns, misunderstandings and laughter. This is the kind of book you want to read to feel good about not only yourself but also the world. It gives a warm, cozy feel just like your favorite sweater and if you don’t have a favorite sweater there are instructions on how to knit one at the end of the story!

Book Blurb for How to Knit a Love Song

Author Rachael Herron spins a delightful yarn in her wonderful debut novel How to Knit a Love Song. The first in her Cypress Hollow Yarn series of smart, witty, and wonderful love stories woven around a knitting theme, How to Knit a Love Song is a delightful indulgence certain to charm every reader who loved The Friday Night Knitting Club, as well as devoted fans of the heartwarming fiction of Debbie Macomber, Sheryl Woods, and Susan Wiggs.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.50