How Not to Date a Human

How Not To, #6

Though short, this paranormal story has it all; great plot, plenty of humor and terrific characters. The twist on how shifters developed was not only unique but it sounded possible. Though this story wasn't what I expected, I found myself very pleasantly surprised and happy. The character interactions with each other and as individuals made them feel real; though having a cockroach caterer was not only perfect, it was perfectly funny.

McCabe plans on proposing to Spooky but things don't go according to plan when they get diverted to the bedroom and McCabe's condom breaks infecting Spooky with an alien virus with no cure. However, there is a support group to help her through her transition and Spooky quickly learns that she needs this group more than she ever though she would. After all, it's hard to explain to co-workers why you suddenly have 3 arms!

This story is How Not To #6 but it can definitely be read by itself and thoroughly enjoyed and laughed through. It's a perfect book for a lazy afternoon or for when you need a story to make you smile.

Book Blurb for How Not to Date a Human

Oh why, oh why did the condom break?

Now McCabe is stuck explaining to an unamused Spooky how an alien virus has introduced her to the world of shifters. But everything should be fine so long as she avoids her lovelorn boss and takes her new situation and the shifter support group seriously. Matters of the heart are a tricky thing, especially when you decide to date a human. (Page Count: 84)

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 4.00