Hot Summer Nights

Hot sexy guys presented by some absolutely awesome authors makes this one of the best anthologies I have read in a while. Though there are only 4 stories in this book, each one is fully developed giving you depth, multifaceted characters and a true love story. Each story is independent of the others and you can pick which one you want to read without regard to any of the other stories…, pick your favorite author and start reading! From cops to jocks and struggling single moms to dedicated professional women, each couple is as unique and the story they are in. The Legend of Jane may have you laughing while Perfect Strangers will have you wanting to smack a dad. There is nothing cookie cutter or boring with any of these stories. Hot Summer Nights will heat up your summer and perhaps even introduce you to an author you always wanted to know. Remember to keep a cold glass of ice tea (or beer or any other cold drink) nearby because temperatures will rise!

Jane’s ex is long gone and child support is just a dream. She struggles to raise two children on her own by working two jobs and forgetting about a social life. But, when she bumps into her ex’s best friend, Luke, she’s reminded that she’s not dead. Luke has always liked Jane and doesn’t like where she’s at. So, he decides to show her some fun……both in the bedroom and out. Alexa is an overworked doctor who is being groomed to take her father’s position at the hospital. She doesn’t remember when the last time she cut loose. When helping a friend, she makes a connection with a stranger sitting near the dance floor and suddenly, not only does she have a one night stand but the guy keeps coming back. Can she break a life time habit of doing as she’s told to have some fun with an out of town stranger? Luanne does crazy stunts for her online blog. It’s how she makes her money but this time she has a hot cop interested in the real Luanne and not her online persona. Can she give up her outrageous stunts, which border being illegal for love? Chelsea hates winter but when she meets ski instructor, Brody, she has to admit there are some good things to be found on the snowy slopes. Can these two very different people find anything more than a quick weekend fling?

Very different but each one in a terrific story and well worth reading. Buying this book isn’t taking a chance but it’s a solid choice for a great read.

Book Blurb for Hot Summer Nights

Passions ignite in these all-new stories from four bestselling masters of contemporary romance?

In Jaci Burton’s ?Hope Smolders,” struggling divorcee Jane has put her personal life on hold to raise her kids?until she runs into Luke, her ex’s former best friend, who convinces her it’s time to start having fun again.

Carly Phillips takes you back to the town of Serendipity, where overworked Alexa has an instant connection with a sinfully sexy football star on the dance floor. A one-night stand evolves into multiple nights when Luke decides to teach the good doctor about his own brand of fun. But when it’s time for him to leave town, will these ?Perfect Strangers” be able to say goodbye for good?

In Jessica Clare’s ?Legend of Jane,” an intrepid Bloggess catches the eye of local law enforcement when she gets caught trespassing. Luckily, Luanne wouldn’t mind getting handcuffed by Officer Hotness?

Single girl Chelsea is tired of feeling like the fifth wheel on her weekend jaunt to Lake Placid, until she gets stuck out in the cold and finds a muscular knight in shining armor to warm her up?in Erin McCarthy’s ?Ice Princess.”

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.50