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Hot Jocks

Gay Erotic Stories

Hot Jocks is a collection of 17 short stories set in an anthology edited by Richard Labonte. Each story is listed under a title: The Coach, The Football Player, The Swimmers, The Tennis Player, etc. None are more than 15 pages.

What I was expecting was not what I got.

The Coach story was titled Mr. Weist When He’s at Home and it is written by Natty Soltesz. It’s about a high school boy and the school wrestling coach. The coach has the student sneak to his house for some sex. While the student is 18 and legally an adult, the feel is as if a predator was taking advantage of an innocent. Even the coach realized what he was doing was wrong as he had the student sneak through the back way to his house. This story seemed to confirm many stereotypes about gay men.

On to the next story with high hopes that the subject matter gets better. The writing was good; I just had problems with the subject matter.

Oh, Number Forty-Two by Ryan Field is set in the early 60’s. This story is also set in a school setting though this time at a college. And, once again, the main characters are a barely legal student, 21 years old this time, and a professor. The major difference was this time the student was the more experienced of the two. Still, I’m not comfortable with this scenario.

On to the swimmers!

There are two stories dedicated to swimmers: Let the Games Begin by Barry Lowe and The Platonic Ideal by Simon Sheppard. The first was set at the Olympic Games and had an off beat humor side to it. However, it too had a bit of a pedophile overtone as the one swimmer was waiting for the other to grow up. Still, there was enough of a story that you could pretty much overlook that one blip. The other was about two racers in a race.

The next story was about tennis, And Brawley Threads the Needle by Gavin Atlas. Once again, the story is set at a college. This story was confined to between the students. Hatred and discrimination were some primary topics.

At this point, I gave up. It had taken me almost 2 weeks of forcing myself to read these stories to get through 5. There is no way that I was even going to attempt the rest of this book.

Overall, I found the stories lacking an emotion draw. I wasn’t able to connect with any of the characters and found I really didn’t care about them. They felt flat which may be to their shortness and lack of true character development.

Sex, yes, there is a lot of sex. Most of it is giving head. There are even contests as to who can make the most men come within a certain time. There is head given all over the place.

As I didn’t finish this book, there may be a hidden gem within it. I don’t know and unfortunately I don’t care. While the writers of these stories may be excellent writers either these stories didn’t showcase them well or the subject matter was objectionable to me. I found the stories that I did read were full of sex but lacking multidimensional characters and stimulating, emotional overtones. In other words, they were flat and uninteresting.

Book Blurb for Hot Jocks

Who hasn't been hot for a jock, or, for that matter, an entire team? Those sweat-drenched Lotharios induce lust in the heart of all and finally receive their due in Hot Jocks, erotic short stories with an athletic theme. Trophy-winning master editor Richard Labonte has gathered a collection featuring tales of inter-athlete lust, the skinny nerd's hots for a jock, and about unavoidable links between sports and sex. Wrestlers, quarterbacks, surfers, swimmers,boxers, soccer players, bowlers, divers, and martial artists: abound. We also venture outside the stereotypical jock box: cross-country runners, MMA fighters, badminton players, speed skaters, weightlifters, archers, rowers - even cricket players can be very sexy.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 2.50