Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors

If you can’t find your perfect warrior or setting among these 14 short stories within Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors, something is wrong. Each short story is unique and highlights each author’s skills and storytelling. There are stories set during Roman times, as well as the 18th century. From Vikings to Samurai, the warriors come in all shapes, sizes and cultures. What each story has in common is the love between the two main characters. Each story also has a happy ending, as well as some hot sex and wonderful interactions. After all, this is erotic romance! Unfortunately, none of these stories are very long; therefore the stories lack depth. In fact, most of them feel as if they are a scene or a chapter from a longer story, or maybe a quick side story from a larger work. However, I enjoyed all the diversity and found myself needing to take breaks while reading because the stories made me hot and bothered. From the first page until the last, there is something interesting to read.

The title says, ‘Hot Highlands’ and in much smaller print, ‘and Wild Warriors,’ but you will find that there are more wild warriors than hot highlanders. Do not let that stop you from getting this book. All of these men are hot and a bit wild, but definitely enjoyable. How can you miss out on the 14 stories with 14 different ways to fall in love?

Book Blurb for Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors

Men devoting themselves to their true love through the art of courtly love is the ultimate in romance. Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors is filled with wild knights and Scottish warriors whose courage on the battlefield is outmatched only by their ardor for their ladyloves! Readers will unleash their fantasies of olden days where men wearing heavy armor or thick tartans sent a spirited young maiden's (or lonely widow's) heart fluttering. These bravehearts were prized for their physical strength and men were judged for their fierce loyalty and unshakeable honor. Highlanders, Normans and Saxons, Britons and Vikings, a Samurai and hunky Mongols astride stallions in search of adventure and love all populate the pages of this steamy read. (Erotic Romance For Women - Edited by Delilah Devlin)

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2015 4.00