Hot Daddies

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Hot Daddies

Hot Daddies is a collection of 13 short erotic gay stories written by men with a target audience that seems to be men.

First to clarify, the daddies are not single men with children but older gay men who have younger gay lovers. In some of the stories the older man goes after the younger while in others the younger goes after the older. Regardless, all are well over the age of consent and no children are involved in any of the stories.

The reason I think the target audience is male is the lack of emotion. Most women like some kind of emotional pull to come through their erotica, otherwise it’s pretty much porn. The authors in these stories have their characters appreciating physical attributes and occasionally intellectual pursuits but finer emotions are readily displayed.

The stories though are varied. The first story, In His Time, is about a married bi-sexual man who is fighting with his wife and after picking up a young man decides to divorce her. The wife comes across as a bitch and you wonder why he married her to start with. The final story, It’s My Job, describes a sadist/masochist relationship that is so brutal that it borders on abuse. In between are stories about casual pick ups and even one about a student waiting for a professor.

There is plenty of consensual adult male on male sex throughout each story. The scenes are graphic, leaving little to the imagination. Most practice safe sex which is a plus in this age of deadly sexually transmitted diseases.

These types of stories are definitely not my cup of tea. However, if they are yours and you want to be introduced to some new authors, this may be the book for you. Do not expect emotional displays as they are not in this book. Do expect lots of sexual play between older men and younger men.

Book Blurb for Hot Daddies

From hunky father figures to dominant leathermen, Hot Daddies collects stories capturing the erotic dynamic between younger and older men, their emotional connections, and the benefits of sexual mentorship. Contributors include storied master of the genre Jack Fritscher, writing about an 18-year-old's sizzling summer camp romp with both a daddy and his boy; Doug Harrison, contemplating the arousing possibility of a boy with two daddies; and Jeff Mann, exploring the dilemma of a young man torn between the comfort of his long-time boyfriend and the excitement of consensual submission. Erotica veterans Mark Wildyr, Gavin Atlas and Dominic Santi as well as younger authors Xan West, Jamie Freeman and Kyle Lukoff all celebrate the erotic charge that age and experience imparts.

This unique collection of erotic stories reveals the sexual and emotional bonds between older and younger men: from boys falling for the charms of a beautiful bear, to twinks hankering for silver foxes, to world-weary men guiding spunky lads just coming out.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 3.50